Entry & Hallway Furniture Styling with Kerrie-Ann Jones

May 18, 2020

Sydney-based interior Style Director & Co-Host of the House of Style podcast, Kerrie-Ann Jones has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Australian interiors.

As former Real Living magazine Style Editor, Kerrie-Ann’s impeccable interior style and eye for trends has become a significant influence on how Australians decorate their homes.

Below, Kerrie-Ann reveals how she creates hallway furniture arrangements with welcoming ambience and head-turning impact. From navigating small spaces with ease to choosing a foundational hero piece and more, these achievable steps will have you welcoming guests in style.

Pictured: Stylist Kerrie-Ann Jones

Choose Wisely

Measure up the area you plan to place the console. If it's for a hallway, check you have enough width for people to easily walk past without bumping into it.

Also consider the style of the other furniture pieces in the home, such as timber colours and finishes, to ensure the console won't clash with the rest of the home, and it slips into the interior scheme cohesively.

Pictured: Classique Oval Console | Styling by Ruth Welsby


Whenever I style console tables, sideboards or bookshelves, I always start with my hero piece first. It's the one piece that will be the focal point in the space. This is usually art or a mirror when styling a console.

If you don't have a hero piece of art or mirror, an oversized vase of greenery or flowers can also act a great focal point.

Pictured: Bondi Console | Styling by Beck Simon

Pictured: Kerrie-Ann styling our Flinders Bookcase| Image Courtesy of & Styled by Kerrie-Ann


There are a few ways to style up your console. I like to stick with either two options.

1. Symmetrical - If you'd like to use a mirror as the hero piece, then I would centre this above the console table on the wall, then style with symmetry either side of the console. The objects you style with don't need to be identical on either side. However, to feel balanced, ensure the heights and size of the shapes on either side are similar.

2. Asymmetrical - This is great for anyone who likes to switch things up often (like me!). For this option, I recommend leaning your large hero artwork against the wall, on one side of the console. Then style the middle section as the lowest point, with a few books stacked on top of each other with an object or dish for keys on top.

On the opposite side of the console to the hero piece, style with a table lamp (or other objects of medium height) to create an asymmetrical balance. Leaning the art means you restyle your console often and without putting any holes in the wall too.

Pictured: Elle Slim Console | Styling by Ruth Welsby

Pictured: Flinders Bookcase | Image Courtesy of & Styling by Kerrie-Ann

Pictured: Linea Tri Console | Styling by Julia Green


For the finishing touch when styling your console, create vignettes of 3 or 5 pieces. It could be using books, ceramics, lamp, vases. Keep it simple as console tables are narrow, so too many elements could look messy.

Pictured: Willow Curve Buffet, Alfie Terrazzo Vase & Alfie Terrazzo Bowl | Styling by Kerrie-Ann Jones





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