February 17

Sofa Family Gallery

Discover our sofa range offering longevity, style and comfort.

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  1. Showroom in Focus | Sydney

    Showroom in Focus | Sydney

    Introducing our newly renovated showrooms, a collaboration with Archie Bolden Design Studio.

    We couldn't be more excited to unveil our newly renovated showrooms, meticulously crafted in partnership with Archie Bolden Design Studio. Led by the dynamic duo of Interior Architects, Tara Dennis and Hayley Richards, Archie Bolden has infused our spaces with a fresh perspective, transforming our Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane showrooms into inviting spaces that celebrate design and craftsmanship.

    Plus read about how our showrooms came to life in an interview with Hayley from Archie Bolden.

    All Photography © Cieran Murphy 

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  2. Bedroom Inspiration Gallery

    Bedroom Inspiration Gallery

    Create a cosy bedroom sanctuary with graceful curves and tranquil hues. Discover bed heads & bedsides to soothe the soul, offering a sense of comfort with texture and tone.

    Explore our latest imagery across bedrooms and homewares that will delight your senses and fuel your creativity!

    Imagery ©GlobeWest. Please do not reproduce or publish without written consent.

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  3. Designer In Profile | Furnishd

    Designer In Profile | Furnishd

    Founded by the dynamic duo Connie and Wayne in 2021, Furnishd is a fast-growing Collingwood-based Interior Design studio that helps clients discover, curate, and invest confidently in stunning products that elevate their space.

    With a firm belief that great design should be accessible, Furnishd strives to help time-poor Australians create aspirational design outcomes that enhance their spaces at an achievable price point through an effortless experience.

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  4. Outdoor | Inspiration Gallery

    Outdoor | Inspiration Gallery

    Bring the great outdoors closer to home & a sense of retreat all year-round.

    From the luxurious, versatile and weather-resistant, to tactile finishes and indoor-like forms, explore our latest Outdoor products across dining, living & occasional below.

    Plus learn more about the technologies driving our outdoor furniture durability here.

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  5. Marble Moments | Inspiration Gallery

    Marble Moments | Inspiration Gallery

    Immerse yourself in our favourite Marble Moments, where we celebrate the allure of marble in the home. From coffee tables to buffets, indulge in our diverse collection of luxurious marble.

    No two pieces of marble are the same, which makes it a beautiful and unique material to have in your home. The natural veining and unique patterns lend a touch of opulence and sophistication. 

    Seek inspiration and discover stunning new marble additions below. 

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  6. Introducing Kip Occasional Chair for Lighthouse

    Introducing Kip Occasional Chair for Lighthouse

    The Kip Occasional Chair is supporting Lighthouse Foundation’s vision to end youth homelessness. 5% of proceeds from the Kip Chair will be donated directly to Lighthouse Foundation, supporting their vision to end Youth Homelessness.

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  7. Birdblack Design - Hai Lang Residence

    Birdblack Design - Hai Lang Residence

    The unique beachfront home "Hai Lang Residence" is nestled into the tranquil New South Wales South Coast. Step inside, where the interior perfectly blends retreat with Feng Shui principles.

    See our interview with Birdblack’s Interior Designer Sarah Nolan below.

    Building Design: JIH Building Design | Interior Design & Furniture Curation: Birdblack Design | Build: Aspire Constructions | Photography: Prue Ruscoe

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  8. Sofa Family Gallery

    Sofa Family Gallery

    Create a space that balances longevity, style and comfort with our diverse sofa range.

    Whether you are looking to lounge and entertain, or inspire togetherness in the home, explore our latest silhouettes from our sofa families.

    Seek inspiration in our sofa family gallery plus learn more about our upholstery customisation below.

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  9. Collections 2024 Volume #02 | Interiors Inspiration Gallery

    Collections 2024 Volume #02 | Interiors Inspiration Gallery

    Welcome to Collections 2024 Volume #02.

    A culmination of new elevated neutrals and mixed materials designed to complement Collections 2024 Volume #01.

    Join us in celebrating two decades of innovative design and creativity.

    All images © GlobeWest. Please do not reproduce or publish without written consent.

    Styling by Ruth Welsby and Bea Lambos | Photography by Dave Kulesza

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  10. Project in Focus | Multi-Residential Developments

    Project in Focus | Multi-Residential Developments

    Help developers sell or let apartments fast with furniture packages tailored to their building’s features, floor plans and budgets.

    From display suites and display apartments that help sell off the plan, to complete residential fit outs, let GlobeWest distinctive furniture help buyers envision their new luxury lifestyle.

    Explore a showcase of multi-residential projects by leading developers & designers plus read their glowing testimonials below.

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  11. Barstools Inspiration Gallery

    Barstools Inspiration Gallery

    Invite guests into the heart of the home with barstools that effortlessly complement the space.

    Browse our barstools by material in the gallery below.

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  12. Torquay Home | Featured on The Local Project

    Torquay Home | Featured on The Local Project

    Planned Living Architects latest residential home was recently featured on the The Local Project. Infused with rich tones, bold linear attributes and a relaxed feel with timber elements and stone walls. 

    We recently caught up with Interior Decorator and Stylist Bea Lambos. Drawing on materiality and indoor-outdoor connections, hear how Bea brought this space to life in our interview below. 

    All photography by Dave Kulesza. 

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