Immerse yourself in GlobeWest's collection of outdoor furniture, where each piece is a harmonious blend of designer sophistication and the robust spirit of Australian outdoor living. Our outdoor sets, seats, and furniture settings are designed to infuse your spaces with an aesthetic showing high-end allure and tactile visual appeal.

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Viewed 15 out of 522 Products

Viewed 15 out of 522 Products


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GlobeWest presents an outdoor narrative that speaks of more than mere furniture; it's a designer's vision brought to life. Our outdoor furniture range is a symphony of form and function, offering outdoor sets that resonate with the contemporary demands of style with steadfast durability. For the trade professional, our pieces are not just furniture; they are a statement of exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance, ready to complete any commercial project from apartment complexes to workspaces.

Aesthetic Outdoor Furniture Settings designed to transform your space

Elevate your design portfolio with GlobeWest's outdoor furniture settings, where each piece speaks to the seamless integration of stylish design and liveable ambiance. From the inviting comfort of our designer sofas to the communal charm of our dining tables, we offer a range that promises to transform any outdoor area into a high-end retreat. Accentuate these spaces with the functional elegance of our coffee tables and the relaxed luxury of our sunbeds, each piece designed to cater to the sophisticated tastes of Australia's leading interior designers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to consider when buying Outdoor Furniture?

When selecting outdoor furniture, consider the harmony of design with durability. Assess the materials for their resilience against the elements, the design for its aesthetic contribution to your space, and the functionality to ensure it meets the needs of your clientele.

How do I order Outdoor Furniture through GlobeWest?

To purchase our designer outdoor furniture pieces for your next residential or commercial project, start by creating an account with GlobeWest. For an in-depth understanding of our purchasing process and additional assistance, please visit our How To Buy (Trade Customer Application) or How To Buy (General Public) guides.

What is the expected delivery period?

Our commitment to service excellence includes a streamlined delivery process, designed to meet the timelines of your project's schedule. Connect with our team for precise delivery details tailored to your unique order and location.