February 17

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Discover our sofa range offering longevity, style and comfort.

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  1. The Block | 2023 Room Reveals

    The Block | 2023 Room Reveals

    Set in the family-friendly suburb of Hampton East, the Blockheads travelled back in time to tackle homes from the 1950s.

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  2. Rug Styling Tips with our Head of Creative

    Rug Styling Tips with our Head of Creative

    Rugs can have a significant impact on the way a room feels and functions. It is important to consider, size, colour, shape, fabric and quality before purchasing and styling a new rug for your space.

    Below our very own Keti Lytras, Head of Creative at GlobeWest talks through tips and advice on how to choose a rug that is suitable for your space while elevating the aesthetics of your house.

    Image above pictured: Tepih Ari Rug, Tepih Tide Rug, Tepih Stripe Rug, Tepih Isla Rug, Boden Ridge Tall Vase and Lark Belly Bowl

    Imagery ©GlobeWest. Please do not reproduce or publish without written consent.

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  3. Beyond The Beach | 2024 Design Direction

    Beyond The Beach | 2024 Design Direction

    Influenced by the explosion of travel, we will see elevated beach-style resort living in the home.” Keti Lytras – Head of Creative  at GlobeWest.

    With the excitement of travel opportunities, Australian interiors will cultivate a sense of calm with finishes reminiscent of European summers and retreat-like comfort. Introducing our 2024 retreat design direction, Beyond the

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  4. At Home with Sally Obermeder

    At Home with Sally Obermeder

    TV personality, author and entrepreneur, Sally Obermeder joined forces with Claudia Lambert Interiors to transform her home.

    Introducing a warm palette and bold colours, paired with GlobeWest's furniture and homewares, the home welcomes personality and comfort in a family-friendly way.

    We caught up with Claudia Lambert and Sally Obermeder to discuss the home refresh and all things styling.

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  5. Eye Of The Beholder | 2024 Design Direction

    Eye Of The Beholder | 2024 Design Direction

    2024 heralds a shift towards something uniquely personal and richly textured. Ecelctic interiors will champion and celebrate this shift. "We're encouraging an emphasis on our own individual understanding of beauty" says Keti Lytras Head of Creative at GlobeWest. This philosophy is at the heart of this design trends that will shape our spaces.  

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  6. Design Directions 2024

    Design Directions 2024

    We're proud to introduce our annual forecast of six key trends we anticpate will influence the Australian interiors landscape for the year to come. 

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  7. Modern Memphis | 2024 Design Direction

    Modern Memphis | 2024 Design Direction

    Inspired by 100 years of Bauhaus and explosive global optimism, GlobeWest forecasts "Modern Memphis" for Interiors in 2024.

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  8. Brique Tones | 2024 Outdoor Furniture Trend Forecast

    Brique Tones | 2024 Outdoor Furniture Trend Forecast

    Inviting liberating highlights of colour to our spaces has been acknowledged as a key trend in our 2024 Design Directions. The warm and uplifting tone of brique, is a refreshing addition to our Outdoor Collections. Infusing personality and vivacity into our spaces, brique tones invite warmth while also complementing our uniquely Australian landscape.

    Discover our new Outdoor furniture with brique tones. 

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  9. The Bold Modern Edit | 2024 Design Direction

    The Bold Modern Edit | 2024 Design Direction

    "It's clean, it's bold, and it's about making more of a statement," remarks Keti Lytras about the trend that's set to redefine interiors in 2024. The Bold Modern Edit is more than just a trend; it's a design movement that echoes the confidence of contemporary design sensibilities. At GlobeWest, we've been delving into this trend, recognizing its essence in creating spaces that exude modernist glamour, commanding confidence, and a touch of sophistication.

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  10. Homewares | 2024 Trends & Forecasts

    Homewares | 2024 Trends & Forecasts

    2024 interiors will welcome liberating highlights of colour, bolder designs and luxury finishes. We're proud to welcome new additions to our interior homeware collections, including new vases, decorative accents, glassware and an exciting new addition of wall art. Designed, developed and curated to elevate spaces and provide sophistication and elegance to your designs. 

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  11. Casual Contemporary | 2024 Design Direction

    Casual Contemporary | 2024 Design Direction

    GlobeWest predicts the ever-loved contemporary style will feel and embrace the 2024 trend shift.

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  12. Living Room | Inspiration Gallery

    Living Room | Inspiration Gallery

    Be inspired by beautiful living spaces that reclaim the role of the heart of the home. The living room is a central and multifunctional space within any home, playing a crucial role in the overall comfort, functionality, and aesthetics of the living environment. We are excited to share our living room trends for 2024. 

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