Dining & Barstools Inspiration Gallery

Apr 29, 2019

Introducing 3 new dining chairs and barstools collections Dahlia, Tommy & Pippa from Volume #02 Collections 2019.

See how you can style the heart of the home. Explore diverse kitchen and dining spaces from contemporary to classic.


Pictured above: Dahlia Dining Chairs & Kensington Dining Table


Pictured above: Tommy Dining Chairs & Tommy Barstools, Aiden Dining Table & Adele Maroc Rug


Pictured above: Pippa Barstools

Contemporary Dining Modern Dining Classic Dining Retreat Dining Eclectic Dining


Pictured above: Ravi Panel Buffet, Ravi Angled Dining Table & Calvin Arm Chairs

Pictured above: Classique Round Dining Table, Isla Woven Pendant, Olivia Dining Chairs & Raven Ombre Rug

Pictured above: Etta Arm Chairs & Linea Sleigh Dining Table & Linea Etch Buffet

Pictured above: Sketch Root Barstools

Pictured above: Monty Barstools

Pictured above: Sonny Barstools

Browse Contemporary Dining

Browse Contemporary Barstools


Pictured above: Barnes Trestle Table, Henri Dining Chairs, Aura Boucle Rug & Aura Tassel Cushion

Pictured above: Henley Chevron Dining Table, Bella Dining Chairs, Huxley Bar Cabinet & Aura Neptune Rug

Pictured above: Huxley Linea Dining Table, Hooper Dining Chairs, Balthazar Woven Suede Pendants & Aura Mini Plait Rug

Pictured above: Morgan Rectangle Dining Table, Morgan Bench Seat, Morgan Buffet, Morgan Dining Chairs, Raven Arrow Rug & Balthazar Oval Pendant

Pictured above: Cleo Sleigh Barstools

Pictured above: Duke Barstools

Pictured above: Arnold Barstools

Pictured above: Etta Barstools

Browse Modern Dining

Browse Modern Barstools


Pictured above: Bella Dining Chairs, Finsbury Herringbone Dining Table, Finsbury Geo Buffet, Raven Tassel Rug & Isla Woven Pendant

Pictured above: Odin Terrazzo Round Dining Table, Lyla Dining Chairs & Aura Neptune Rug

Pictured above: Penny Dining Chairs, Amara Rectangular Dining Table & Aura Neptune Rug

Pictured above: Belmond Dining Table, Freya Arm Chairs & Aura Neptune Rug

Pictured above: Luca Dining Table, Lewis Dining Chairs. Balthazar Beaded Large Pendant & Aura Bobble Rug

Pictured above: Arnold Barstools

Pictured above: Greta Barstools

Browse Classic Dining

Browse Classic Barstools


Pictured above: Tia Arc Dining Table, Tia Arc Console & Darcy Dining Chairs

Pictured above: Morgan Round Dining Table, Morgan Buffet, Cleo Dining Chairs, Aubrey Woven Pendant & Dakota Textured Rug

Pictured above: Huxley Organic Dining Table, Avery Maja Arm Chairs & Aura Tassel Rug

Pictured above: Olivia Open Weave Barstools

Browse Retreat Dining

Browse Retreat Barstools


Pictured above: Freya Arm Chairs, Aura Neptune Rug, Taj Checker Dining Table, Balthazar Diamond Beaded Pendant & Amelie Cube Console

Pictured above: Ferrand Dining Table, Plantation Kai Dining Chairs & Plantation Kai Barstools

Pictured above: Balthazar Tile Top Dining Table, Avery Croft Dining Chairs & Balthazar Oval Pendant

Browse Eclectic Dining

Browse Eclectic Barstools