Designer in Profile | Lauren Lewis of Bowerbird Interiors

May 09, 2019

Bowerbird Interiors

Bowerbird is a leading property styling business, founded by husband and wife team, Lauren and Geoff Lewis, located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Bowerbird was originally a means for Lauren to satisfy her love of interiors while raising a young family. With a keen eye for beautiful products and her ability to build relationships, Lauren and Geoff quickly grew the business based on a solid principle – “we are here to create inspiration”.

This principle would guide the couple as they learned the business of property styling, a business that is as much about people and logistics as it is about design. Investing heavily in an amazing team, industry-leading systems and robust infrastructure they aim to provide a world-class service that inspires their clients.

From a spare bedroom to a team of over 20 and a vast warehouse facility, Bowerbird now services Sydney’s real estate hotspots and regularly features in some of the most high profile sales, publications and television shows nationally.

Pictured: Creative Director Lauren Lewis

We recently caught up with Lauren Lewis, Creative Director of Bowerbird Interiors about her life, business and journey to building one of Australia's most in demand property styling groups.

Pictured: Livorno Round Dining Table & Carter Dining Chairs

Describe your Business Style & Customer:

Our service is a nod to what people love about their life… not wealth or possessions or grand experiences, but, the daily, small, regular experiences that make up their life.

People want to love their home, they have a deep emotional attachment to their home as it makes a statement about them and their lifestyle choice.

We are a dynamic team dedicated to being different, not for difference sake, but because we truly care. We believe in the importance of curating a bespoke look that creates a unique home.

Pictured: Vittoria Square Slip Cover Sofa & Anja Woven Coffee Table

How does a typical day for you unfold?

This made me giggle as every day unfolds differently for me. This is the way I’m wired and the way I like it!

But generally, I wake up and spend time with the kids. Then I’m off to train - health is really important to me, I get back from a workout and off I go again to do the school drop off, which I’m so grateful to make the time for.

I come into work and work on the things I love and with people I love. My day is usually very reactive, I love it when things are thrown at me and I just run with it - I love problem-solving.

Pictured: Hooper Dining Chairs

What’s your creative process?

I really don’t have a process, or the golden ticket - creativity just comes to me - I visualise and don’t overthink. When I see things, I just know if they work or don’t, it’s very instinctive!

I think confidence also helps me in the creative process - I never put too much pressure on myself, I just like to let it come to me.

Pictured: Ascot Open Bedside, Avery Arch Diamond Queen Bedhead

What’s your favourite GlobeWest piece/collection and why?

The beauty of what I do is that it allows me to buy all my favourite pieces for Bowerbird. I love so many pieces from all different collections. It would be really hard to just pick one, to be honest!

That’s why Globewest features so heavily in our business, they have so much variety across all different styles.

Pictured: Olivia Open Weave Barstools

What interior staple could you not live without?

I just love the linen slip couches. They are so simple and beautiful, and instantly make a house feel like a home.

Pictured: Soho Cirque Round Side Table, Vittoria Retreat Round Ottoman & Vittoria Slip Cover 3 Seater Sofa

What’s your dream project?

I have so many dream projects, that’s the thing about me I am a DREAMER!

Designing my holiday home is definitely one. I have visualised it for so long now and can’t wait for that dream to become a reality. I know exactly how I want it to look and have already picked out every piece of furniture in my head.

Pictured: Sketch Tami Dining Chairs & Sketch Root Dining Table

You create spaces that are both aspirational and timeless - who or what inspires you?

This is a big one for me. I am surrounded by inspiration literally everywhere I turn.

Who inspires me?
My amazing kids - they inspire me to just be grateful and to always be laughing and having fun and my husband, Geoff, of course! He truly is my biggest inspiration and my biggest supporter.

My team. Across our businesses, we have the most talented people, and what inspires me most about them is the people they are. We have some fantastic and talented people by our side. It’s a vision we have worked so hard at.

What inspires me?
Music always inspires me. I have become insanely inspired recently by Freddie Mercury and his story. His belief in himself and his confidence is something to really admire.

Pictured: Avery Croft Occasional Chair, Sketch Native Round Coffee Table & Gus Margot 3 Seater Sofa

Where can people learn more about you?


INSTAGRAM: @bowerbirdinteriors

Want more? We recently spoke with Lauren to learn more about how her and her expert team transform everyday houses into beautiful living spaces to optimise sale prices for their clients and how sellers can best prepare their homes.


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