5 Minutes With Smartstone

Sep 09, 2020

Since 2002, Smartstone has been trusted by interior architects and designers due to its diverse interior applications in residential and commercial settings.

Having specified their surfaces for our most recent showroom and outlet refurbishments, we can attest to their beauty and quality and we were excited to learn about their latest launch.

We caught up with Belinda Kelaher, Managing Director of Smartstone Australia, to hear about the collections’ aesthetic direction.

What is it about Smartstone that has made it a household name?

We all adore natural stone but durability is a key consideration for benchtops and kitchen surfaces. Additionally, marble is scarce so it comes at a premium price. Utilising advanced technology we have been able to replicate the beautiful depth and veining of natural stone while delivering the practicalities and affordability of quartz.

Stringent safety and environmental certification of our surfaces also provide peace of mind for the specifier community and home owners alike.

Pictured: Kitchen at GlobeWest Brisbane Showroom with a Smartstone benchtop & splashback in Statuario Venato | Photography: Elouise van Riet-Gray | Pictured: Plantation Bells Barstools

Pictured: Brisbane Showroom Event | Photography: Elouise van Riet-Gray | Smartstone Benchtop & Splashback: Statuario Venato

Pictured: Melbourne Outlet Store with Smartstone counter top in Blanco Naturale

The new collection looks amazing. I see it has been inspired by Europe. What drove that direction?

Thank you! Because of the rich history, landscapes and architecture, each of the 4 European cities selected can be reflected in inspirational colour and character.

What are the key colours and finishes and how has that evolved?

Given the diversity of buildings and tastes, the palette is broad – including 36 colours and patterns across vein designs and finishes, including polished, honed and leather.

We’re seeing more subtle veining and textures coming through, that celebrate the beauty in the detail and allow the stone to stretch across entire benchtops and splashbacks, creating unique-looking designs with a sense of calm and connection.

Smart Stone European-inspired Collections

The Santorini Collection has dazzlingly beautiful whites and luminous veined stones such as the newly launched Bianco Onix and the popular Statuario Venato.

Pictured: Bianco Onix surface

Pictured: Bianco Onix surface

The Toledo Collection has warm, earthy neutrals and magnificent naturals such as the creamy Dolce Vita Crema and the classic Calacatta Blanco.

Pictured: Dolce Vita Crema surface

Pictured: Dolce Vita Crema surface

Just like the city of lights, the Paris Collection offers a range of sophisticated greys and browns and veined classical beauties such as the Pelle Grigio with a leather finish and honed Borghini Naturale.

Pictured: Pelle Grigio surface

Pictured: Pelle Grigio surface

The cutting-edge in Milan Collection showcases an innovative black and grey palette of edgy elegance. In this collection are the Amani Classico with refined veins and the dark Petra Grigio with white veins.

Pictured: Amani Classico surface

Pictured: Amani Classico surface

Download the Smartstone complete collection brochure.



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