Product Care


How to care for your indoor Terrazzo furniture.
Terrazzo is a composite material made by combining cement with a mix of aggregates such as marble, granite, quartz or glass.
It is grinded and polished to reveal its unique colour and pattern.

General Care

  • Dust surfaces regularly with a microfiber cloth.
  • For light cleaning, wipe the surface with a clean, damp cloth. Dry thoroughly with a microfiber cloth to prevent spotting.
  • Clean all spills immediately. Blot the spill with a lightly damp cloth, then dry thoroughly.
  • Use coasters, place mats, trivets, table cloths and table runners to protect furniture surfaces from heat, stains and objects with abrasive finishes that may scratch your furniture. 
  • Avoid contact with products that have acidic properties, such as wine, juices, detergents and corrosive liquids. Contact with acidic items can dull, etch or stain the surface and can also destroy the sealant.
  • Do not let spills settle on the surface as the moisture from spills and/or sweating from cold liquids can be quickly absorbed by porous surfaces.
  • Do not leave objects in the same position on the furniture over long periods of time to prevent permanent discoloration.


Important Considerations

  • Speak with your Designer to ensure the products selected are suitable for your specific environment as well as discuss the level of maintenance that will be needed.
  • Small open pores and slight cosmetic splits to the surface caused by changes in temperature or moisture loss are natural and expected characteristics of this material.
  • Terrazzo can scratch easily and should not come in contact with anything abrasive. This includes protecting the surface from everyday objects such as vases, tableware etc. where possible.


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