Designer In Profile | Interior Insider

Designer In Profile | Interior Insider

Nov 06, 2023

Interior designer, stylist and now industry mentor, Kylie Tyrrell started her own interior design business, Goldchalk over 12 years ago. These days you can find Kylie at Interiors Insider helping other designers set up and run successful design businesses.

We caught up with Kylie to discuss her professional background, passion for design and business ventures.

See our interview with Kylie below.

What’s your professional background and how has it influenced your work today?

My career began in retail buying and marketing, after having children I decided to explore Interior Design as a creative outlet and to fulfill a lifelong passion. I went back to night school when the kids were babies and I’ve been in the industry ever since – 13 years and counting. Today my role involves mentoring and guiding design grads & career-change mums on how to set up and run their own design businesses. I love sharing my passion and experiences to help others grow. I also love seeing highly talented women taking their design skills further, being confident in their work, and seeing what is possible.


When did you first develop an interest in interior design and styling?

I think I’ve always had it – I grew up with a creative mother who had a huge influence on me. I love making spaces look and feel good, by using colour and artwork in my designs.


Describe your business’ style and customer:

I love a WOW factor and I am almost the opposite of predictable – I like creating rooms that are more asymmetrical than obviously balanced.

I love spaces that are edgy and sit “outside of the box “– I am all about colour and texture.

My customer is female, often a working mum, time-poor, and tired of making the wrong furniture and décor selections! She knows what she wants and just needs some reassurance and guidance.

What’s your favourite GlobeWest piece/collection and why?

Right now my favourite piece is the Zahra Tribe Storage Unit – I have just purchased it for my own home. I also have the Vittoria Iris sofa – it’s a staple in my eyes.


How has your design career developed over the years?

I started my design career in property staging, then moved to styling to live – I did both of them for about 10 years, these days I am more selective with the design work I do, as I now spend most of my time mentoring women in the industry which is my true passion.


Top tips for starting a design business?

Ironically, I now teach this to my mentees – understand yourself and your client – align with trades and suppliers who match that vision and inspire your client – clients want to be sold on a story or a vision – sell them the story. My design business is all about selling my client a look – that’s why I love working with Globewest – you cater to so many different aesthetics.


Best way to work with stockists?

I love the quoting system that GlobeWest offers designers – it saves me time and allows me to control what my clients see – it’s very user friendly and I can send quotes/selections directly to my clients with all product details. The showroom is also very inspiring – I love meeting clients there and showing them around – the range is wide and varied – I can cover all looks.


What’s next for Interiors Insider?

I am currently working on a large furniture project in Ivanhoe, I have had the opportunity to commission art, and I would love the project to be photographed for a magazine – it’s been a really exciting project to work on.

I am continuing to mentor design grads. I love working with other like-minded women, it’s so rewarding, and really energises me.


Where can people learn more about you?

I love Instagram – so please send me a DM if you have a question. You can find me @interiors.insider


Kylie Tyrell is a GlobeWest referred designer.

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