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Jun 20, 2022

Founded by Nina Caple, Anchor & Belle are a team of Interior Designers based in Noosa, specialising in styling the interior and exterior of high-end properties across Australia.

The team are driven by the principles of relaxed, easy living, or rather ‘the art of living simply', ensuring a key focus on comfort and functionality.

We caught up with Nina to find out more about her business, professional background and her passion for creating beautiful spaces.

Image above: Nina Caple - Design Director (middle) and the Anchor & Belle Team.

Pictured: Felix Slouch Sofa and Linea Oslo Dining Table

What’s your professional background and how has it influenced your work today?

With a background in ergonomic design, I started working on residential projects in Melbourne after studying at RMIT there. We then relocated to Noosa approximately 8 years ago, I started the design studio and took on more staff, and created Anchor and Belle. Since then, we have taken on both residential and commercial projects. This industry has been a great creative outlet for me and has allowed me to evolve both personally and professionally.

Pictured: Felix Slouch Sofa, Vittoria Retreat Round Ottoman and Harper Entertainment Unit

When did you first develop an interest in interior design and styling?

I’ve always had an interest and strong passion for art, colour and design. It wasn’t until I finished my studies and delved into Interior Design, that I knew I was on the right path. I realised our surroundings have an enormous impact on our overall health and wellbeing. This is what drives me to create unique spaces designed specifically for the client’s needs so that they feel relaxed and comfortable in their own homes or workplaces.

Pictured: Linea Oslo Dining Table

Describe your business’ style and customer:

We work on a broad range of projects from beachside holiday apartments to homes on the Sunshine Coast and in Melbourne. We are also lucky enough to be involved in some ongoing commercial projects which allow us to be really creative. Working on a variety of projects enables us to travel and engage with clients from all areas, which keeps things exciting.

Pictured: Sketch Odd Upholstered Barstool

What’s your creative process?

I get a lot of my inspiration from traveling, collaborating with other designers, and gathering the unique environmental aspects of each site. Our dynamic team are committed to creating spaces that are well suited to fit every client’s needs and wants. We love producing spaces that are timeless, sophisticated and unique.

Pictured here: Vittoria Slip Cover 3 Seater Sofa and Linea Tri Base Coffee Table

What’s your favourite GlobeWest piece/collection and why?

The Marley range is a favourite of ours as a lot of our projects are based up along the coastline and this is a perfect variety of furniture pieces that fit the ‘beachy’ lifestyle aesthetic.

Pictured: Marley Bedside

What interior staple could you not live without?

Furniture choices are key to transforming any space. I would say a staple for me is sourcing Australian bespoke furniture pieces that are sustainable and durable.

Pictured: Benjamin Ripple Bedside

How does a typical day for you unfold?

A quick run in the morning through the Noosa National Park, coffee and hustling the kids out the door! Then over to the design studio to review projects with the team, or a stop in at one of our local building sites on the way to review progress. Another quick coffee break during the day is much needed before meetings with clients, or working with the team sourcing finishes, samples or furniture. Because we have a number of projects in different stages, we may be working on initial concepts, or in design programs completing documentation.

Pictured here: Ethnicraft Spindle Bench Seat

What’s your dream project?

We’re working on some great homes at the moment with a collaborative team including local Architects, Landscape Designers, and Builders. Working together means we can bounce ideas off each other, and each introduces various elements to create the best outcome for our clients. We also love educating our clients about incorporating different materials and finishes to create character, the aesthetic that they are chasing, and incorporate these ideas into their space.

Pictured here: Granada Beach Dining Table (colour sold out)

What’s next for Anchor & Belle

We have a number of long-term projects on a schedule at the moment, so looking forward to bringing these to life with a great collaborative team and wonderful clients. Fortunate to have great local suppliers and good relationships with our trades.

Pictured here: Granada Sleigh Dining Chair

Where can people learn more about you?



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