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Jul 03, 2019

One of Australia’s most renowned beachside destinations, Byron Bay, is the go-to destination to relax and unwind, and when Byron Beach Abodes (BBA) came onto the scene, they redefined coastal accommodation.

Shaping the regions reputation for world class accommodation, stylish and entrepreneurial husband & wife duo, Taliah & Sein Lowry, founded & developed the luxury seaside retreats from a love of design, travel, family, and the often even greater love of coming "home".

Byron Beach Abodes have been featured in Elle, Country Style, Vogue, House & Garden and Broadsheet, with stating "The Villas spare no expense to ensure absolute sumptuousness and extravagance, this definitely shows."

BBA has hosted celebrity guests including Pip Edwards, Founder of P.E Nation, Global Influencers Tuula Vintage & Tara Milk Tea, as well as renowned Australian Model Ruby Tuesday Matthews.

Co-Founder Taliah Lowry has specified GlobeWest furniture since opening their first destination and in each subsequent property, helping shape the signature aesthetic of the luxury accommodation brand.

We recently spoke with the talented and inspirational Taliah to discuss her swoon-worthy abodes, her style, interiors inspiration and business journey to date.

Pictured: Byron Beach Abodes Co-Founder, Taliah Lowry

Firstly, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to have a chat with us! Can you tell us a bit about what started the BBA journey?

It’s so great to finally be catching up with you guys! My stepdad was a carpenter and my mum was a painter and together they would renovate holiday rentals around the world as they loved to travel! We were always on the move, I was always living in a home that was constantly being renovated then moving onto the next one, I loved that 'gypsy' lifestyle that helped shape who I am and the business today.

I met my husband 18 years ago when his family owned the Arts Factory in Byron Bay, quickly realising our mutual interests for hospitality and design. When I moved in with him we renovated our first studio apartment together, which we later sold and the business grew from there.

We made a pretty amazing team and defined our responsibilities around our strengths. He looks after the finance and logistics while I take care of the aesthetics and guest experience.

From there we started our family and continued to grow our business of buying, renovating, buying, renovating, up until the fourth time when we finally decided to keep the first of the 'abodes'.

Everything Sein and I have have done since, we’ve done it together, we're a team!

Pictured: Taliah with Son at BBA, The Lodge

What do you enjoy most about your business?

I love the whole process, from securing the right location to seeing the final result. But nothing beats knowing our guests have loved their stay and have left one of our properties feeling invigorated, by both the property and the surrounding nature.

There are so many amazing properties, can you tell us a bit about the timeline?

Of course! Our first project was The Villas then The Cottage, third was the Magnolia House then The Chapel, The Chalet, The Lodge and then most recently The Cabin and The Bower. We also look after The Manor, which is the only abode we didn't build, design and style but we manage for friends.

Pictured: Cancun Ali Sunbeds at The Chalet

How would you describe your style and how has that been reflected in each of the interiors?

I’ve had a passion for interior design my whole life and have been styling our projects for over 20 years.

We always want to keep the story and history behind each of the Abodes.The Cottage was originally a fishing shack and we really wanted to keep the essence of that era but added that touch of five star luxury.

The Cabin & Lodge were brand new builds but we still wanted to provide that sense of history and combine old with new that created a story and feeling of home and warmth and connection.

Pictured: Cancun Ali Sunbeds at The Bower

The Bower was born out of a visit to New Yorks Bower District. We traveled there for my husbands 50th and were taken with the architectural features and feeling evoked by the boutique hotels of the area.

The Bower is like an old 60s motel, we completely gutted it but kept the drive through so it’s now more like a Five Star 60s hotel. The minimal design, art-focused rooms and relaxed quintessential Byron Bay vibe truly create a sense of serenity throughout the hotel.

Pictured: The Bower - exterior

What's your go-to interior style?

My style is forever evolving. Our home itself is a reflection of the many design elements and styles that I love curated under one roof. I’ve always had a love for that beachy, coastal style but I’m also falling for this dark and moody mountain vibe, with its raw essence, combined with natural elements of steel and timber and stone!

I never tend to have one style in a place and love to mix it up, which is a challenge, but I love bringing in those elements of cultural styles and mixing them together, so it’s not so predictable.

Pictured: Maldives Round Occasional Chairs at The Bower

What inspires you?

Travel inspires me the most. I was living in New Zealand for a year. I’d go on hikes and the nature and colours surrounding me from the moss, the lakes and rivers all touched my heart, and you can see this inspiration through the textures, materials, colours and details I chose for The Lodge.

What drew you to choosing GlobeWest when styling your properties?

I love the style of your furniture and I can always rely on GlobeWest products.

The product is timeless and lasts for years, which for property that is situated so close to the beach in the salt air is amazing.

I’ve had your Cancun Sunbeds in every property, some for as long as 8 years, I can’t go past them.

When I find a product that's beautiful and lasts, I’m very loyal. And if I’m ever in need of something quickly, I know you’ll help me straight away. The team is always very helpful and it’s so easy to order online. The order process is so easy from start to finish and it’s a nice personal touch speaking to your customer service team when i need them.

If I don’t have a good customer relationship I won’t continue to purchase from that brand. I think GlobeWest is so easy to work with and have a great variety of furniture and product that suits the many styles I like to work with.

Pictured: Cancun Ali Sunbeds Image credit: Ayumi

Wow that’s so kind of you to say! Lastly, we’d love to know what's next for Byron Beach Abodes?

We are starting to build 4 new places on the Bower property, two more barns and two more suites, one level up from what’s there now. This will be stage four for Bower, it’s really exciting and we can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

After that we are currently on the hunt for a beautiful country retreat, something out in the hills, surrounded by nature. I love being around nature and that it will add that touch of unpredictability from our usual beach abodes.

Where can people learn more about you and book a stay?



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GlobeWest has featured frequently over the years within the BBA properties, browse the gallery below for just some highlights.


The Cabin is the latest new-build addition to the BBA portfolio and is a bold statement in superb design and unbridled sophisticated luxury.

Pictured: The Front of BBA's latest edition 'The Cabin'

Pictured: Master Bedroom

Pictured: Poolside with our Cancun Sunbeds

Pictured: Inside looking out onto the plunge pool | Featuring our Cancun Ali Sunbeds

Pictured: Cancun Ali Sunbeds

Pictured: Plunge Pool at The Cabin


The ultimate holiday pad, The Chalet evokes the glamour days of Palm Beach, California but with a relaxed vibe that is pure Byron.

Pictured: Master Bedroom & En-suite

Pictured: Palm Beach-inspired Poolside

Pictured: Cancun Ali Sunbeds

Pictured: Cancun Ali Sunbeds at The Chalet


The latest addition to Byron Beach Abodes - The Bower - reimagines the whole concept of ‘beach motel’ by combining the barefoot ambience of Byron Bay with the discreet and effortless elegance of New York boutique accommodation.

Pictured: Exterior of The Bower

Pictured: The Bower - exterior

Pictured: Felix Cocoon Occasional Chair in Room 16 of The Bower

Pictured: Astrid Arm Chair in Room 15 of The Bower

Pictured: Astrid Arm Chairs in Room 15 of The Bower

Pictured: Cancun Ali Sunbeds Image credit: Ayumi

Pictured: Cancun Ali Sunbeds


Magnolia House is quintessential Byron design: pure, relaxed and sophisticated.

Situated on one of Byron’s tightly held laneways and hidden behind a vibrant ficus hedge, a pair of vintage salvaged doors open to reveal a magnificent home designed for family, for entertaining and for play.

Pictured: Cancun Ali Sunbeds at Magnolia House

Pictured: Rosie Dining Chairs

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