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Cannes Barstool - Natural Teak

Cannes (Outdoor) Cannes (Outdoor)

Cannes Barstool - Natural Teak

Colour: Natural Teak
ETA - 26/02/24
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Cannes Barstool


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Product Care

Caring for your Outdoor Teak Furniture

Remove dust, dirt & debris regularly with a soft-bristled brush. Always brush in the direction of the grain. Clean spills immediately. Do not use abrasive or chemical cleaning products and avoid contact with oils, alcohol, citrus/acidic liquids. Avoid damp or high humidity environments where possible.

Solid Teak has a high level of natural oils which increases its stability and longevity. Over time, these oils will migrate to the surface of the timber, this is called oil surfacing. This is a normal, recurring characteristic and may cause oil transfer onto upholstery or permeable surfaces. For more information and detailed care guidelines, follow the link below.