GlobeWest Partners with Lighthouse Foundation

GlobeWest Partners with Lighthouse Foundation

Jan 02, 2024

GlobeWest is proud to be partnering with the Australian charity Lighthouse Foundation to support their vision to end Youth Homelessness.

‘This partnership has formed organically over the last three years, with our intent being to support our community in a way that is meaningful and authentic to us. The GlobeWest team has regularly supported the Lighthouse Foundation with products and monetary donations, so it felt like the natural progression in formalising our relationship’, says Alan Mendel  - Co-Founder of GlobeWest.

GlobeWest has made a financial commitment along with people power and product donations to help the Lighthouse Foundation continue to deliver its leading outcomes in the youth homelessness space. This collaboration is founded on shared values, stemming from both organisations' belief in the significance of houses transforming into true homes and fostering connections within communities. 

‘The synergy with our GlobeWest family not only exemplifies but also reinforces to our young people that they deserve to have nice things. It underscores the fundamental human right to live in a home where they are cared for, and supported, and can take pride in their living environment.’ says Susan Barton AM, Founder of Lighthouse Foundation. 

‘GlobeWest is committed to product diversity and recognises the importance of creating spaces that reflect the individuality of each home. In joining forces with the Lighthouse Foundation, GlobeWest aims to contribute to the foundation's mission by providing support that goes beyond furniture,’ says Stephen Mendel – Co-Founder of GlobeWest.

GlobeWest is excited to demonstrate our commitment throughout 2024 through various initiatives across the business and looks forward to sharing with our community along the way.  

Pictured: The GlobeWest team reflecting on what home means to us. 

Pictured: GlobeWest volunteers helping prepare a Lighthouse Home for Christmas 

Pictured: GlobeWest and Lighthouse Foundation team at our morning tea.

Pictured: The Jenson Occasional Chair in the Lighthouse Foundation Richmond office. 

Pictured: GlobeWest Team supporting our Lighthouse Foundation raffle at our bi-annual warehouse sale. 

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Lighthouse Foundation's mission is to create pathways to end youth homelessness. Providing kids experiencing homelessness or trauma, the support they need to heal, grow, and achieve a lifelong sense of belonging.

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