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Jun 14, 2024

Jessica Tuszynski started her own Interior Styling business in Melbourne over seven years ago. After renovating her own home, she decided it was time for a career change from the corporate world and ultimately followed her passion.

Jess works on a mix of projects including creating refurbishments for existing period homes and also helping clients plan out their interiors and prepare to move in to new builds, always ensuring that the end result reflects her clients and is somewhere they are proud to call home.

What’s your professional background and how has it influenced your work today? 

I worked for ten years in Banking across Organisational Development and Change Management. My corporate experience has helped me in terms of running my own business but more particularly in being organised, managing various stakeholders and communicating clearly to ensure my clients understand exactly what they are getting. Further, my project management experience has helped me to create structure and processes in my business to ensure I deliver my projects on time and on budget.

Are interiors your obsession as well as your profession?

 Absolutey!! I lost count of how many people asked me if I could help them with their renovations or interior styling after I renovated my own house and literally from that point on my business took off. The passion is infectious – clients really do feel that I live and breathe it!

When did you first develop an interest in interior design and styling?

My family are all in creative jobs and I think this was something I was destined for. I have always had a strong interest and passion for design and beautiful things. My sister and I used to sit together and design houses and hotels out of wooden blocks as kids. We used to joke that we would grow up and work together in architecture or design. We are both now in the industry and whilst we don’t work together, we often bounce ideas off each other. So yes, it’s in the genes!

Describe your business’ style and customer: 

My business style is relaxed yet professional. I pride myself on really understanding my client’s needs and creating spaces that are beautiful, yet not too pretentious. There is nothing worse than walking into a home that feels soulless and does not reflect the owner’s personality and style. There is always a conceptual struggle on form vs function – it has to be practical and realistic for my client’s lifestyle but also beautiful enough for them to fall in love with.

My personal style is fresh and modern with often a touch of colour but most importantly is always  comfortable that they can relax in their own beautiful space. I try not over clutter spaces and generally find ways to introduce colour in a soft and considered way.

My client is typically a married couple with kids. They are always time poor and overwhelmed with the choices out there. They often have great taste, just not sure how to bring it all together and nervous to make wrong – often costly – choices. They love working with me because I provide them with clarity, calmness and support along the journey and always willing to work with them to make the most considered choices (in budget and style).  

What are your top three styling tips to create a contemporary aesthetic in your home?

Adding texture, colour and varied lighting options.

Especially in new builds, texture is essential to create warmth and depth in a space. This can be seen through the varying and complimenting textures of the sofa, rug and fabrics on an armchair. We can also layer this even further with cushions, ceramics and artwork which all add texture to a space.

Colour is really a powerful tool at creating the feel we are after in a space and definitely under utilised in my opinion! It doesn’t need to be bold and garish. Whilst of course colour is used in soft furnishings and art, I find people are much more hesitant about colour in paint and joinery – my two favourite applications of colour to really transform a space! Masses of white plaster do little to create any aesthetic and end up just looking soulless!

Varied lighting options are essential to creating a warm and inviting space. A room full of downlights will do nothing to create the ambiance that most clients are trying to create. Pendant lights, floor lamps, table lamps and wall sconces are fantastic tools to create a contemporary yet comfortable look.

What’s your favourite GlobeWest piece/collection and why?

That’s a tough one! So many to choose.

I have used the Sidney Slouch Sofa quite a few times lately because it wears well, it’s comfortable and has the perfect mix between casual and elegant.

I am also loving the Seb Curve Dining table for it’s curves and unique three sold pillar legs. I love the bullnose edge and thick table top which makes it feel really weighty, and an oval top is perfect at squeezing extra guests in and really softens a space.

What’s your go-to interior piece?

I think I’d have to say a quality armchair. I always tell clients to invest in armchairs – if your circumstances change and you find yourself relocating, renovating, or redecorating an armchair is easily repurposed to another living room, a corner of a study or bedroom (the clothes chair - we all have one!) It can really make a statement in a room and a focal point, too.

What’s your creative process?

My creative process usually starts with a walkthrough of the space and something usually just jumps out at me and I get a really strong visual cue of what the space needs – whether that is a particular colour palette, the need for some height or scale, or a particular orientation or furniture layout. From there, I would use this to continue to flesh out the other elements of the space. If it’s a new build I spend a lot of time reviewing the home’s plans making sure that I map out the space to fit the right type of furniture and pieces before we go ahead with ordering – its so important for clients that we get this right and on time so they can move in to their new home with furniture in it.  

I tend to spend a lot of time with clients at the beginning of the process on spatial planning – there is nothing worse than when the scale is off on furniture items! I also work with clients to understand their budget and which furniture items they place importance on (with regards to the budget). Not everything needs to be high end to make an impact, and I love the balance of high-end and affordable pieces mixed together.

How does a typical day for you unfold?

An early morning gym session and then hustling three kids out the door first! Then, most days include a client meeting or site meeting which is my favourite part. From there I will often spend some time sourcing furniture, finishes or fittings. I will then usually spend some time at my desk, either designing, documenting or organising installs.

My client’s love an ‘install day.’ It’s actually a fair amount of work to orchestrate an entire room – or entire house – to be delivered on the same day, but there is nothing better than seeing a client’s face when they see their home transform in a matter of hours!  

What’s your dream project?

I think I’d have to say that I am working on some dream projects right now. It’s the perfect mix of wonderful and trusting clients, amazing homes ready to specify furniture and fittings, and working with fabulous Australian designers to create something special. I typically love doing multiple rooms & areas at the same time or full houses to make sure that the home comes together in a consistent and beautiful way.

What’s next for Jess Tuszynski Interiors?

I am so excited to see my business continue to grow and showcase the projects that I have just finished and of course continue to work on new clients’ homes.

I am truly grateful to my incredible clients that have helped me build a strong business from the ground up. It genuinely excites me to go to go to work every day because I love what I do. To keep doing this every day is all I ask for!

Where can people learn more about you?

I love Instagram and often have new clients reach out through this channel. You can find me @jesstuszynski


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