Designer In Profile | Archie Bolden

Designer In Profile | Archie Bolden

Apr 28, 2024

Archie Bolden is the audaciously creative brain child of daring duo — Tara Dennis and Hayley Richards. Archie is a cheeky interior architect, with a focus on bold interiors. With a presence in both Australia and America, we complete full scope interior design projects across the commercial and residential sectors.

What’s your professional background and how has it influenced your work today?

I’m fortunate that my journey into the world of interior design was a bit like love at first sight. When you know, you know I guess. I did however briefly flirt with architectural and construction management studies during university - which is a fling that has come in handy over the years!

A year out from graduating, I teamed up with my former employer, now business partner, Tara Dennis, to create Archie Bolden. The delightful blend of business challenges and the joy of creative execution has nourished both my right and left brain. And in this ever-changing industry, where no two days are alike, I've never felt the need to venture elsewhere.

Are interiors your obsession as well as your profession?

Absolutely! I'm a giant nerd at heart, and when I find something I'm passionate about, I dive in headfirst. It's just fortunate that my profession takes me to all these fantastic, social places like hotels, bars, and restaurants. I dine out more than my bank balance and waistline would care to admit, but it’s all in the name of research! I can't promise I'm stimulating conversation when I'm in these places however, as my eye is often darting around as I unpack the design detailing at play.

Pictured: Kennedy Globe Occasional Chairs | Photography by Cieran Murphy 

 Pictured: Elle Round Block Coffee Table| Photography by Sunbox Studios 

When did you first develop an interest in interior design and styling?

I'd say it started back in circa 2002 when I was 8 years old. After months of persistent begging, my parents finally caved and gifted me my first video game, 'The Sims.' I doubt I was any good at the game itself, but my character always had the most fabulous house on the street!

The passion solidified after school, I spent 2 years living and traveling throughout the UK and Europe. The rich architecture and deep appreciation for craftsmanship I encountered during those travels reinforced my decision to come back home and pursue studies in interior design. It was a pivotal moment that shaped my career.


 Pictured: Classique Round Dining Table | Photography by Sunbox Studios 

Describe your business’ style and customer:

We intentionally steer clear of adopting a specific design style or aesthetic. While we may employ certain conventions, like being refined and highly considerate with a contemporary edge, our primary aim is to create spaces that mirror our clients' needs, desires, and preferences, free from any artistic bias. What is uniquely iconic to Archie Bolden is our unique approach to each project. We take a highly personal approach, and our clients quickly become our friends. This approach makes the process enjoyable for both parties and fosters an innate understanding of each other's aspirations. As for our customers, there's no one-size-fits-all character profile. We service a vast array of people and businesses under our broad scope umbrella. The common thread among them is that they're all motivated 'doers' who share an appreciation for great interiors and a good laugh. We're fortunate that through our network of clients, we've also created a network of mates. Who knows, maybe one day we'll even design Archie's dream frat house!

Pictured here: Bruno Ball Coffee Table and Classique Oval Small Shelf Console | Photography by Sunbox Studios 

 Pictured: Elle Round Block Coffee Table| Photography by Sunbox Studios 

What’s next for Archie Bolden?

At current, we have 30+ open projects across the US and Australia. We're excited to be venturing into larger-scale multi-residential, student housing, and boutique hotel projects. So aside from mastering world domination (ha!) Another key focus is to offer and excel at the full spectrum of creative services, covering architecture, interior design, and decoration.Exploring a product range has patiently held the top spot on our goals list for quite some time as well...

Where can people learn more about you?

Website | Instagram @archie.bolden

Archie Bolden is a GlobeWest referred designer.

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