Outdoor 1 Seater Sofas

Introducing GlobeWest's select range of 1-seater sofas, each piece an example of designer luxury and comfort. Our outdoor lounge chairs are crafted to imbue any space with an air of high-end sophistication and tactile visual appeal.

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Viewed 15 out of 43 Products

Viewed 15 out of 43 Products


Browse designer 1-Seater Sofas by GlobeWest

Our collection of 1-seater sofas is a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship that GlobeWest is renowned for. Designed for the discerning eye, these pieces are not merely outdoor seats; they are individual statements of style and luxury. Perfect for creating a personal oasis, our single seat sofas are the height of comfort and elegance, ideal for outfitting apartment balconies, commercial lounges, or private patios. Partner with us for your next design project and select from a range of sofas that reflect the latest in Australian outdoor design.

Aesthetic 1-Seater Sofas that will transform your space

Upgrade your outdoor furniture collection with our 1-seater sofas, each designed to offer a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and reliable functionality. Our lounge chairs serve as a stylish solo retreat or can be paired with our occasional chairs and dining tables to create a cohesive outdoor lounge setting. Their alluring design and robust construction make them a perfect choice for any outdoor setting, from a high-rise balcony to a sprawling garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to consider when buying a 1-Seater Sofa?

Selecting a 1-seater sofa involves considering the scale of your space, the material's suitability for outdoor conditions, and the design's alignment with your aesthetic vision. It's about finding that perfect piece that offers both a luxurious seating experience and stands the test of time under the Australian sun.

How do I order a 1-Seater Sofa through GlobeWest?

To purchase our premium 1-seater sofas for your next residential or commercial project, we invite you to begin by creating an account with GlobeWest. For a detailed understanding of our purchasing process and for further assistance, please visit our how to buy trade page.

What is the expected delivery period?

We pride ourselves on efficient delivery times that accommodate the pressing needs of your project's schedule. For specific delivery information tailored to your order and location, please engage with our customer service team.