Modular Sofas

Modular and sectional sofas provide great versatility as you can customise the mix of components to suit your living room’s scale, shape and seating needs.

Create your own perfect configuration, rearrange the pieces to freshen up your living space and adapt or add new sections if you move house or your seating needs change.

From corner pieces to centre sections, flexible left and right arm lounge options to L-shaped sets and sofa/ chaise combinations, GlobeWest indoor and outdoor modular sofa’s provide endless possibilities.

We have 17 beautiful indoor and 6 durable outdoor sectional sofa collections in a huge choice of styles, colours and materials.

But we know choosing the right combination of modular elements can be tricky.

To simplify the specification process, we have created downloadable resources for our customisable modular collections.

Build your ideal sofa for relaxed living from our example configurations or create your own unique set-up.

Indoor Modular Sofas


Outdoor Modular Sofas


Modular Sofa Configurations

Modulars are ordered as separate units available in left (LFT) or right (RIT) facing orientation. As you stand in front of the sofa the arm will be in either the left of right side of the modular component.

Please refer website for care instructions.

All dimensions shown are millimetres.

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