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GlobeWest invites you to experience timeless elegance with our curated selection of designer coffee tables. Infused with exquisite craftsmanship, each piece harmoniously fuses form with function, becoming an indispensable focal point in any living room.

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Viewed 15 out of 187 Products

Viewed 15 out of 187 Products


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Each coffee table at GlobeWest, whether it’s a contemporary round coffee table or a striking marble coffee table, embodies the essence of sophisticated Australian design. Their flawless finishes and visionary constructions make them a must-have piece for every contemporary commercial space or living room. At GlobeWest, we’re proud to offer Australia-wide delivery on our range of designer coffee tables. Whether you’re looking for a unique luxury piece to make a statement or a coffee table with subtle functionality, we have pieces suitable for any design ideation, even simply displaying books and decor.

Elevate your space with modern aesthetic coffee tables

A coffee table does more than serve a functional purpose; it defines the ambience of a space, especially in commercial settings like apartment complexes, cafes, workspaces, and bars. Whether an interior designer is seeking a round coffee table to add contemporary flair to an upscale cafe or a rectangle coffee table to ground the design of a modern apartment's lounge, GlobeWest's selections are thoughtfully crafted to resonate with the demands of sophisticated commercial interiors. Elevate a sofa or offset an ottoman with a coffee table designed to match other pieces or to stand out, whether as part of a space’s overall decor or as the centrepiece of a room

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when buying a coffee table?

Consider the overall aesthetic of the space, whether you’re looking for a modern industrial look, a rustic mid century appeal or otherwise, making sure your space is cohesive is key. Consider the materials you use, from durable solid wood to luxury materials such as marble, making sure your pieces are made with the best materials for your use is important

How do I order a coffee table through GlobeWest?

To procure the ideal coffee table for your project, start by creating an account with GlobeWest. Input the referral code provided by your interior designer or retailer. For an in-depth understanding of our purchasing process and additional assistance, please visit our How To Buy (General Public).

What is the expected delivery period?

Once you've chosen your designer coffee table, our dedicated team ensures a prompt and seamless delivery process. The expected delivery period can vary based on the specific table design and your location. All our products have their arrival ETA listed, making it easy for you to plan your purchase ahead of time. If the item is in-stock, then it can arrive to metro Sydney and Brisbane between 3-10 business days. We also offer Click & Collect from our Melbourne warehouse in Springvale. If you have questions about shipping, we recommend contacting the GlobeWest team.