How to Measure Furniture for Delivery


To ensure your new purchases arrive in beautiful condition, GlobeWest uses furniture transport specialists, but to ensure a successful delivery and (where requested) installation, they also need your help! Just as it is important to work out the right scale of furniture for your floorplan, it is also critical that your chosen items can physically fit through the gates, doorways, lifts, stairwells and hallways of your home. But this doesn’t need to be a chore. All you need is a tape measure, and a little pre-planning.

Use this step by step measuring guide to check the furniture you choose will fit into your house or apartment. 


Check the width, depth and height of each piece of furniture you’re planning to order. These details are available on our website. Furniture depth must be less than the width of any doorway or hallways that the item will need to pass through, or if the piece is too wide then consider if the height and width will permit it to pass through.



Measure the room where your furniture will be placed. If you’re working with a design professional they can help you create a floorplan or you can create a visual reference by mapping out where the piece(s) will be placed using removable masking tape (on hard floors) or a large paper stencil (on carpets). Consider the need to comfortably move around the furniture too.



Determine the best pathway from outside your home to the room where your furniture will be placed. Measure every doorway, lift, staircase and hallway that the item will pass through. For apartment buildings or homes with lifts, it is important to measure the lift opening, interior height and distance to the opposite wall. Also measure entry clearances – the distance between the doorway and the opposite wall – in the event that the furniture needs to turn a corner. Compare these measurements to the dimensions of your new furniture to ensure that our delivery professionals can navigate through entryways and around obstacles.


DOORWAYS                                                                                                                    HALLWAYS

• Measure the interior width and height of all doorways                                       • Measure the width of hallways, taking into account any twists or turns
any twists or turns                                                                                                         • Check for any architectural details and low-hanging fixtures that may affect access

• Check door opening widths
• Check for any architectural details that may affect access

STAIRS                                                                                                                              LIFTS                                              

• Measure your stairway width, taking into account opening any                          •  If your building has a lift, measure the width, height and depth of the lift's interior and the size of its door
handrails or posts                                                   

• Measure the height from the top and bottom steps to the ceiling
• Make sure the items can fit on and around landings


When finalising your order either with our Administration team or
online, you will be asked to advise if you need delivery only or delivery
and an installation and rubbish removal service. You will also be
asked to declare any special requirements that may create challenges
for our delivery team. These may include truck parking availability and
parking time limits, gated entry access, narrow roads and driveways,
stairs and lift access or services. This information is imperative to our
transport team in planning their work.
Our team will discuss an approximate delivery date with you when you
place your order and request on site contact information. You will then
be contacted by either the GlobeWest warehouse (Victorian deliveries)
or our 3rd party transport company to advise of the estimated arrival
of goods and next steps.


GlobeWest uses experienced white glove furniture delivery specialists
to ensure your new furniture is handled with care. If you have booked
delivery, the box(es) will be placed in the room of your choice. If you
have booked delivery & installation, the transport team will unbox
and assemble any relevant items in the room(s) of your choice before
removing all packaging and rubbish from the premises. Note that our
delivery professionals are not permitted to move furniture currently
in your home, nor are they allowed to move or set up electrical
equipment or remove doors from hinges.

Before our delivery team arrive, please prepare your home:

  • Clear a path, moving any furniture or artwork or lighting that’s in the way
  • Set existing rugs in place
  • Please confine pets to another room or outdoors

Please note

  • Delivery professionals are not permitted to move your existing furniture
  • A licensed electrical contractor is required to install ceiling pendants
  • Please contact a registered builder to hang mirrors or attach furniture to walls
  • Please inspect the goods prior to the transport team’s departure.
  • You will be asked to sign for receipt of the products before the team leaves your home.

It is the recipients responsibility to ensure the new furniture will fit through
access points and into the home. If the special requirements of your
home/ location were not clearly communicated during the order process,
this may result in the transport team having to abort the delivery at a cost
to the goods recipient.

For further support in preparing for a successful furniture delivery,
please contact us. For further information on our Returns Policy,
please read our Terms & Conditions