Cushions & Throws

Infuse your interiors with GlobeWest's luxurious range of cushions and throws, meticulously designed to elevate the comfort and style of any living space. Our decorative accents are the epitome of tactile visual appeal, offering a plush complement to our high-end furniture collections.

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Viewed 15 out of 35 Products

Viewed 15 out of 35 Products


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Discover a world where exquisite craftsmanship meets tactile comfort with GlobeWest's cushions and throws. Each piece is a testament to alluring design, created to enrich the liveable ambiance of sophisticated settings across Australia.

Aesthetic Cushions & Throws that will transform your space

Our cushions and throws are more than mere accessories; they are integral elements that imbue your furniture with a sense of stylish cosiness. Whether draped over a designer sofa or accentuating a luxurious bedhead, our pieces promise to enhance any decor with their timeless elegance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to consider when buying Cushions & Throws through GlobeWest?

Consider the interplay of colour, texture, and pattern to complement your existing decor. Our range offers a diverse palette of options, from subtle hues to bold designs, ensuring a perfect match for your project's aesthetic.

How do I order Cushions & Throws through GlobeWest?

To purchase our premium cushions and throws for your next residential or commercial project, start by creating an account with GlobeWest. For an in-depth understanding of our purchasing process and additional assistance, please visit our How To Buy (Trade Customer Application) or How To Buy (General Public) guides.

What is the expected delivery period?

We pride ourselves on efficient service, ensuring our clients receive their chosen cushions and throws promptly. Connect with our customer service team for a detailed delivery schedule tailored to your order specifics.