“Everyone should have access to professional design support. Great design makes life better and we need to debunk the myth that Interior Design and Decoration is only for the wealthy. It’s affordable and a great investment in your home and happiness!" 
(GlobeWest Co-founder Stephen Mendel)



Find-a-Designer is a free service connecting website visitors with interior design professionals.

Users enter their project location, contact details and preferred interior style (undecided, contemporary, modern, eclectic, classic, retreat) to receive a short list of referred designers to discuss their project with.



Create your ideal space with the support and guidance of professionals






What do Interior Designers do?

Interior professionals plan spaces to make them both functional and beautiful.

They work with principles of decorating, applying knowledge, experience and skills to assist home owners and renters in bringing their design visions to life.

Understanding scale and skilfully combining materials, colour and texture, they plan rooms that meet the practical lifestyle needs of the occupant and are packed with personality, heart and style!


Why would I need to use a professional? Can’t I just DIY?

Whilst a select few have in innate flair for creating perfect rooms, for most of us it’s not that easy.

Understanding your own style and translating that into every aspect of your home can be overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make when building, renovating or simply purchasing new furniture to revive a tired room:

- What flooring type, material, colour? Carpet, timber, veneer, laminate, tiles? Boards, herringbone?

- Who knew there were so many shades of white paint?

- Should I go with the black tap trend or keep it neutral? Which shower hose?

- High sheen, matte or satin cabinetry?

- Tile shape, size, texture and colours?

- Blinds or curtains?

- What dining table will best fit my space and comfortably seat my family?

- What’s the most family or pet friendly sofa fabric?

It’s important that when making big, expensive decisions that aren’t easy to modify you have the right help. After all, your home is your sanctuary – it should make you feel calm and happy every day.


Are Designers and Decorators Affordable?

Yes! Design support is so much more affordable than people realise.

Whether your budget is large or small, a professional designer or decorator has the expertise to work within it. The fees or charges are more than offset by what you save in time, hassles and errors. (Design Institute of Australia).

Like all service providers, there are variety of pricing structures used by Interior Professionals.

Rates vary depending on their level of education and experience. Some charge flat fixed rates, some a % of a project, some hourly rates, some a mark-up on products, or any combination of the above.  

We recommend agreeing the method of charging and fees before any work starts. 

Note: It is a condition of inclusion in our program that all designers deliver excellent service and professionalism. If you have any feedback about your interaction with a design contact provided, please email


How do I choose the right designer?

When you receive the shortlist of designers, we recommend contacting each of them to establish which one best suits your needs.   

Some tips include:

  1. Review their project galleries on their website or social media pages
  2. Email them to ask to see their portfolio, especially any projects with similarities to yours
  3. Discuss with them their training and experience
  4. Get a sense for their interaction style and if you will be comfortable working collaboratively with them on your project
  5. Satisfy yourself that the education level and business structure of the selected design professional suits the nature and scope of work you are planning.
  6. Understand their rates and how that fits with your budget, agree the terms of your arrangement  


What is the difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator?

According to the Design Institute of Australia:

Interior designers plan and detail commercial and residential building interiors for effective use with particular emphasis on space creation, space planning and factors that affect our responses to living and working environments. Interior designers plan traffic flow, building services, furniture, fixtures, furnishings and surface finishes.

Interior decorators and stylists plan and prepare building interiors for effective use with particular emphasis on furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. They frequently have an extensive knowledge of historic furnishing styles and their relationship to architectural periods, and employ a detailed understanding of the application and effect of colour and pattern.

Both consider the purpose, efficiency, comfort, and aesthetic of interior spaces to arrive at an optimum design. Both can all assist you with furnishing your home.


Top Reasons to Use an Interior Professional

 1. Saves you Money

- Renovating and furnishing is costly enough. Professional assistance helps avoid the non-reversible cost of mistakes.

 2.  Saves Time

- Designers will present you with short list of options catering to your needs and tastes, cutting out precious time otherwise spent confused and overwhelmed going from store to store.

 3. Creates more functional spaces

- Designers understand scale so know what will fit into your space without looking too cluttered or too empty. They’re skilled at ensuring pieces work together and with their surroundings and in layering the finishing touches that make such a significant difference.

 4. Adds beauty and value to your home

- Having a designer help curate your choices and thoughtfully style your home will help ensure it remains timeless for years to come.

 5. Solve problems

- Design professional draw on industry experience to provide unique solutions to challenges. From space saving solutions and storage ideas to turning building mistakes into positive outcomes.  

 6. Access to exclusive designer brands

- Designers have access to trade only Designer brands like GlobeWest, enabling you to access the most distinctive, high quality product not available direct-to-public.


Which Designers are on GlobeWest’s Find-a Designer Service?

GlobeWest is fortunate to work with a huge cross section of design professionals from residential and commercial interior designers to property stylists and decorators.

The designers are selected based on a range of criteria including their qualifications, professional experience, product knowledge and service quality.

The program includes a broad range of Professionals covering all states and major geographic regions of Australia and working in a variety of styles: Classic, Contemporary, Modern, Eclectic, Retreat (Coast & Country)  

Also included are a mix fine furniture retailer offering inhouse design services or house consultations.

In addition to being able to access the full GlobeWest collection of distinctive furniture and homewares, all design professionals on our Find-a-Designer program can support you through colour, material, size and shape decisions whilst working within your budget.


What is the Design process like?

All Design Professionals work differently, and the numbers of steps will depend on the complexity of the project.

For furnishing a room, after receiving your brief and interpreting your needs, most designers will initially present their client a scaled furniture layout, a mood board with sample finishes/ colours before presenting suggested furniture selections.

You may also be encouraged to visit a trade showroom to see and feel the product before being given costings for the purchase, delivery and installation of the goods for approval.

They can also oversee successful installation or completion of your project.


Will the result be worth it?

GlobeWest is a passionate advocate for professional design advice because we have repeatedly seen the way it can change and improve people’s living environments. 

“Design Professionals can interpret your needs and tastes to ensure the finished spaces reflect you and enhance the homes architectural features”, says GlobeWest Co-founder Stephen Mendel. “Your home is an investment, and doing it right is inexpensive relative to the happiness it will bring," adds Stephen.



“We contacted Brad at Contents International. Our experience was exceptionally good.  We are very pleased.”



"We reached out to the designers close to us. Email was very easy and they responded promptly. We are now working with Liberty Interiors.”



“We are working with Mel Wilson Interiors. She has been terrific to work with and also let us know of the warehouse sale recently. We have recommended her to other friends. And we love our GlobeWest pieces!”



“I strongly recommend using an interior design professional when renovating. Styled Haus was amazing.  I think people don’t realise how affordable it can be and what a fabulous investment it is.” 



Create your ideal space with the support and guidance of professionals






  1. This service will provide you with contact details of design professionals in close proximity to your stated project location
  2. The design professionals included in this service are customers of GlobeWest and have access to our full collection but operate their business independently. GlobeWest does not receive a commission for this service.
  3. The referred design professionals will be notified that their business has been recommended, however your personal information will not be disclosed. 
  4. Please satisfy yourself that the education level and business structure of the design professionals suits the nature and scope of work you are planning.
  5. Please research/ contact the designers to determine who best suits your needs.



The use of GlobeWest Find-a-Designer service does not represent a guarantee. It is the commercial responsibility of the client and designer to agree the contractual basis under which they will operate. All responsibility for the outcome and any consequential effects rests solely with the client and their selected designer.



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