Designer In Profile | Cordony Group

Designer In Profile | Cordony Group

Apr 13, 2022

Founded by Kahlia Cordony, Cordony Group is an Interior Design, Interior Styling and Consultancy studio located in NSW.

With a long-standing passion for Interior Design, Kahlia & her team provide a wealth of industry knowledge to assist their clients whether they're at the begging, middle or end of their design journey.

We caught up with Kahlia below to find out more about the business, her professional background and her creative processes.

Pictured: Benjamin BuffetPictured: Benjamin Buffet

Pictured: Benjamin Buffet

Can you tell us a bit about Cordony Group?

Whether you’re investing, renovating, selling or buying - we’re the only contact our clients need for their journey – big or small. We consult. We style. We design, manage, maintain and move – whatever services fall within the homeowning cycle, we are able to help our clients.


Describe your business’ style and customer?

We cater to a variety of styles by working closely with our clients to achieve their desired outcomes.


When did you first develop an interest in interior design?

It’s always been a passion of mine. I always had a knack for making things look good and it didn’t even have to be the most expensive things either. Pairing and layering the right pieces to create a beautiful space.

What interior staple could you not live without?

Definitely a staple lounge, like the Juno or Kennedy sofa collections. Something that invites you home, and invites you into your space to help your regain your energy.


How does a typical day for you unfold?

Usually, it’s a 5 am start to take some time to regroup with either mediation or stretching, go for a run, get ready for the day before the kids get up, get them ready, send them off to school, then it’s on! Who knows what after that!

Because our business is small (but growing rapidly) and agile, it’s very hands on for me – I either run around all over Sydney or Melbourne to meetings with clients or potential clients, help the styling team at houses, meetings with the design team back at the office… honestly each day is totally different. However – in all of that, it is so exciting and rewarding to see the incredible projects we undertake and the beautiful spaces we are able to create.


What’s your creative process?

Firstly, understanding how the client needs the room to function before we go off and make it pretty! Determining the function, flow and style beforehand is essential – then it’s a matter of putting it all together and creating the layers to complete the space.

Pictured: Cordony Group Mood BoardPictured: Cordony Group Mood Board

Pictured: Cordony Group Mood Board

What’s your dream project?

Unlimited budget! Haha. I don’t really have one – there’s something about being challenged with a whole variety of homes, spaces, budgets etc.

What’s your favourite GlobeWest piece/collection and why?

The Juno or the Benjamin – I really like the curves & details. With the Benjamin - there’s a softness to it – playing ode to the environment in a sense, with the finishes that are used. And the Juno – the organic curve just invites you to lounge & relax!


What’s next for Kahlia Cordony and the Cordony Group?

I’d love to know! No, in all seriousness, this year is about expanding the reach of each arm of the business, including expanding domestically.

Personally, I want to continue to challenge a male-dominated industry as a female entrepreneur (and Mum!) and begin to share more of my knowledge with those in the industry. Watch this space!

Pictured: Kahlia CordonyPictured: Kahlia Cordony

Pictured: Kahlia Cordony

Where can people learn more about you?


INSTAGRAM: @cordonygroup


Cordony Group is a GlobeWest referred designer.

To find a designer to bring out the best of your home's features and to complement your individual style, use our website's Find a Designer service.

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