At Home with Sally Obermeder

At Home with Sally Obermeder

Oct 18, 2023

TV personality, author and entrepreneur, Sally Obermeder joined forces with Claudia Lambert Interiors to transform her home.

Introducing a warm palette and bold colours, paired with GlobeWest's furniture and homewares, the home welcomes personality and comfort in a family-friendly way.

We caught up with Claudia Lambert and Sally Obermeder to discuss the home refresh and all things styling.

Claudia, tell us a bit about the project, and how you came to work with Sally Obermeder?

Sally reached out to me when she first bought her home after being referred from a previous client of mine, she moved into a bigger space to accommodate her growing girls and needed help refreshing the space. The main areas that needed work were the living, dining and kitchen spaces, the heart of the home.


Tell us a bit about the design brief you received from Sally Obermeder?

Sally wanted a space that reflected her own casual personal style with an elevated feel, injected with lots of personality. She also needed it to be family-friendly and highly functional. We achieved this by using texture and tone with classic shapes punctuated with bold art and lighting.


Can you tell us a bit more about the living room and why you chose the GlobeWest pieces?

GlobeWest has always been my go-to for achieving a classic, comfortable interior that is going to stand the test of time. The sofa was the key piece that we began the process with. Sally fell in love with shape and fabric of the Felix Crest Sofa and knew it would be a piece the whole family could relax into while retaining its shape and aging well.

I specified the Amara Round Leg Coffee and Side Tables with natural stone to balance the large block of neutrality of the sofa, it brings movement and life to the space. The gorgeous neutral rug anchors the space and warms up the cool tones of the sofa. Sally loved the idea of a swivel chair so she could create a more conversational space that wasn’t solely focused on watching TV, the boucle fabric is both textural and sophisticated, bringing a curve to echo the tables and balance the shape of the rug and sofa.

How did you find a style that works for the family lifestyle with Sally’s busy career?

Sally needed no fuss pieces. The Sofa doesn’t need to be re-plumped each time you get up and the fabric is very forgiving for those times kids aren’t so careful! It was easy to select these formative pieces from the GlobeWest range as it blends function and beauty so seamlessly.

I was mindful of making sure the whole family had input on the selections so everyone had a sense of ownership of the overall look and feel.


Please tell us about some of your favourite GlobeWest pieces.

I love the latest collection, a few of my fovourites include the Eleanor Occasional Chair in Blush Sheepskin, the Pablo Buffet in Sand Ochre and Natural Brown Vein Marble, Claude Buffet in Twilight and the Frankie Coffee Table in Gloss Dusk.

Sally, why did you choose to work with an Interior Designer, in particular, Claudia Lambert?

Claudia came recommended to me from a friend so I had seen her work and loved it but I was still a bit nervous to work with her, or any designer in fact as this was something I’d never done before. I was worried I’d be talked into a style that wasn’t mine or a look that didn't feel right. But it was nothing like that - Claudia got into my head and she understood exactly what I was trying to create but she also encouraged me to think outside the box in areas where I needed it. I'm so grateful to her for that. The pieces I would have never chosen are ironically now my favourite. 

She also completely changed my understanding of dimensions and to not be afraid to use big pieces of furniture. The lounge and dining rooms are not huge spaces, so I always thought we should choose small pieces to avoid it looking crowded. But I was so wrong! Because of her expertise I was actually able to have my dream lounge room set up!

Claudia’s ability to mix and match isn't something I could do. There are so many pieces that I would have never considered, or thought paired together, yet it's the combination of different elements that makes the space look so amazing. 


Sally, what’s your favourite GlobeWest piece in your home, and what do you love about it?

I can't choose just one! My three favourites are the GlobeWest Felix Crest Sofa which is such a feature and really makes the space. It’s so comfy and so big, it was dream of mine to have a sofa large enough for absolutely everyone. It actually makes the space look so much bigger than it is.

Then the GlobeWest Coffee and Side Tables in Brown Vein Marble and Viola Marble that Claudia suggested we get in order to create a layered look. Everyone comments on them when they walk into the room. Lastly, the GlobeWest Kennedy Wrap Occasional Chair in the lounge room which absolutely completes the room. Every time I come down the stairs I’m like “WOW who lives here??” hahaha. 

Where can people learn more about Claudia Lambert Interiors?

Instagram: @claudialambertinteriors

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