GlobeWest Design Referral Program



1. This service will provide you with contact details of design professionals in close proximity to your stated project location

2. The design professionals included in this service are customers of GlobeWest and have access to our full collection but operate their business independently. GlobeWest does not receive a commission for this service.

3. The referred design professionals will be notified that their business has been recommended, however your personal information will not be disclosed.  

4. Please satisfy yourself that the education level and business structure of the design professionals suits the nature and scope of work you are planning. 

5. Please research/ contact the designers to determine who best suits your needs.

Disclaimer: The use of this service does not represent a guarantee. It is the commercial responsibility of the client and designer to agree the contractual basis under which they will operate. All responsibility for the outcome and any consequential effects rests solely with the client and their selected designer.


For enquiries or further information please contact the GlobeWest Head Office

20-22 Parsons Avenue

Springvale VIC 3171 
Phone: (03) 9518 1600