Dining Table Gallery

Dining Table Gallery

Nov 07, 2023

Elevate your entertaining space and bring your designs to life with the right dining table.

Designed, developed and curated by the Globewest Team our Dining Table Collections are meticulously brought together with creativity and functionality. We’re continually refreshing our collections, breathing life into new inspirations and welcoming new additions to our Dining Tables, shaping the Interior Design Landscape.

New Dining Tables 

Pictured: Frankie Dining Table, Ronald Dining Armchairs, Juno Channel Modular Sofa, Mina Raisa Vase & Pitcher Vessel, Tepih Curve Rug (Sand)

Pictured: Piper Valley Dining Table, Anton Dining Chairs, Boden Ridge Vase

Pictured: Flint Dining Table, Olsen Dining Chairs, Hartley Buffet, Granada Dome Pendant, Rufus Hedra Sculpture

Round Dining Tables 

Pictured: Oberon Eclipse Dining Table, Remy Arm Chair and Ridge Round Marble Bowls

Pictured: Bruno Totem Dining Table, Muse Dining Chairs, Hills Buffet, Lark Low Bowl, Finley Woven Pendant, Ridge Goblet Bowl & Round Bowl and Lorne Channel Vase.

Pictured: Linea Oslo Round Dining Table, Flora Arm Chair, Hills Buffet, Lark Woven Basket & Low Bowl, Rufus Etched Marble Vessel and Ridge Curve Marble Plate

Pictured: Bruno Totem Dining Table & Nixon Dining Chairs

Pictured: Willow Curve Dining Table, Lane Dining Chairs & Rufus Curve Marble Vessel

Oval Dining Tables

Pictured: Classique Oval Dining Table & Nixon Arm Chairs

Rectangle Dining Tables

Pictured: Bowen Dining Table (colour sold out), Dane Dining Chairs & Ridge Acacia Bowl


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