Outdoor Cushion Care

Oct 12, 2023


Standard Foam and Quick Dry Foam are both popular and suitable choices for outdoor cushion inserts.
With proper care, products using either type of foam will enjoy a long life in the outdoors.
Follow the care guidelines below for each foam type to ensure the longevity of your outdoor upholstery.

All GlobeWest outdoor collections are built with weather-resistant frames.

Caring for Standard Foam

  • Standard foam inserts provide a higher level of comfort but require extra care to prolong their lifespan and prevent the growth of mould and mildew.
  • Upholstered components should be covered or stored out of weather in a dry environment when not in use (e.g. storage box or shed).
  • Ensure you do not wrap cushions tightly in plastic or non-breathable material when stored, as lack of air-flow may cause mould or mildew to grow.
  • If upholstery is accidently left uncovered in wet conditions for prolonged periods, shake or wipe away excess water as soon as possible. Let the upholstery dry out completely before using or storing. Remove the cover to let both the foam insert & fabric components dry completely. 
  • If you have used protective covers but the product but has been exposed to prolonged wet conditions, we encourage you to inspect your product to ensure that no water has seeped through and pooled on the upholstery. If there is water leakage, dry your upholstery immediately and thoroughly as outlined above.
  • Along with caring for your foam, ensure you follow the recommended care guidelines for your specific fabric type.


Caring for Quick Dry Foam

  • The unique open-cell structure in Quick Dry Foam allows water to drain rapidly and circulates air freely and continuously to prevent mould and fungus growth.
  • Brush off dirt and dust regularly to keep upholstery tidy.
  • If cushions are subjected to extreme wet weather conditions, rotate the cushion to allow excess water to run off the surface and allow both sides to air dry completely before use.
  • Along with caring for your foam, ensure you follow the recommended care guidelines for your specific fabric type.


To confirm if your outdoor upholstery uses Standard Foam or Quick Dry Foam, 
check the product specifications on the website or contact us for more information.


Important Considerations for all Cushion Types

  • Speak with your Designer to ensure the products selected are suitable for your specific environment as well as discuss the level of maintenance that will be needed.
  • Your outdoor furniture may require different levels of care depending on the environment in which it is used. In general, monthly cleaning and maintenance of your outdoor furniture is recommended to help prevent damage.
  • As coastal/seaside environments may accelerate development of natural salt deposits and deterioration of your outdoor furniture, it is important to consider that products used in these locations will require frequent maintenance.
  • If your furniture is heavily soiled or stained, it's best to seek professional cleaning services. Professional cleaners have the equipment and expertise to clean and restore the furniture without causing damage.
  • Consider storing your outdoor furniture during the off-season or extreme weather to avoid preventable damage and deterioration. To store, clean the product thoroughly and let it dry completely. Store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. Do not store in humid or high moisture environments.


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