In Residence Video Series

Jul 14, 2021

Welcome to our In Residence Video Series.

In this series, Interior Designer Jono Fleming and GlobeWest Head of Creative Keti Lytras explore recent changes to the interiors landscape.

Our homes have evolved in ways we've never expected, serving multiple functions - a workplace, a classroom, a yoga studio and more, so how can we ensure they retain their primary purpose as a sanctuary and an escape?

In four short videos, Jono & Keti deliver usable insights for ensuring your interior remains a place for physical and mental calm and comfort.

And as a bonus, Jono, a former Inside Out Magazine Style Editor, summarises the design response for each key topic in practical tips.

"The design industry is a problem-solving industry and we know ultimately the intention of any response to brief is to enable a better lifestyle." Jono Fleming.

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Series One Topics Include:

Sensory Reignition - Expressing yourself through bolder choices.

Grand Comfort - Bringing simplified luxury into the home without the fuss.

Zoning - Creating separation in your space both physically and mentally.

Wellbeing - Embracing nature and wellness when your options are limited.

Ep 1 – Sensory Reignition Ep 2 – Grand Comfort: Coming Soon

Ep 3 – Zoning: Coming Soon Ep 4 – Wellbeing: Coming Soon

Episode 01 - Sensory Reignition

View Time: 7 Minutes

The Drivers

Sensory Reignition stems from expressing yourself through bolder choices. This doesn’t mean you have to overload your space with colour and objects, rather, it's about making decisions that will bring personality and vibrancy to your space.

Pictured: Kennedy Wrap Occasional Chair, Elle Drum Side Table, Lark Woven Basket, Tepih Frame Rug

Australians can be a bit cautious when it comes to colour in the home. We are told to keep the walls white for resale but adding colour to your space isn’t doesn’t have to be as bold as painting all the walls in every room. Pick on an accent colour from a rug, an artwork, or even furniture to base a palette and let that seep through the room with different shades, tones and complimentary colours. It’s all about finding balance.

Pictured: Juno Curve Daybed, Verona Palazzo Console, Verona Etch Marble Coffee Table, Verona Etch Side Table, Easton Orb Table Lamp & Tepih Frame Rug

Mix your personal moments into your space, sit these items next to designer pieces, this will help bring depth, layers and personality to a home. The key here is not to clutter a space but to create moments that will guide your eye through a room, little vignettes that can tell stories or bring joy. Personal pieces will make the space your own, not cookie cutter.

Pictured: Hilton Barstools, Harira Woven Curve Planter

Don’t be afraid to make these bolder choices, but if you’re cautious there are a few places to start. Art is a great way to express your style through colour and on a smaller scale. Introducing colour into a home can be explored on a smaller scale through cushions and decor but consider larger pieces like sofas or a statement armchair. Also consider different materiality, velvets, corduroys, fossil stone, to add layers to your space. This retro revival in materials really adds to a space and can give a new sense of self expression when used thoughtfully.

Pictured: Leopold Diamond Buffet, Natadora Starling Occasional Chair, Easton Marble Table Lamp & Tepih Frame Rug

The Design Response

Quick tips to reignite the senses at home:

  • Be bold but make thoughtful choices when selecting pieces
  • Add personal mementos to a space to give a sense of individuality
  • Introduce colour in shades and tones rather than one identical hue to create balance
  • Use texture and materiality to create visual difference and layers to a space

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EPISODE 3 - ZONING: Coming Soon


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