Hunting for George | Beach House Transformation

Jun 22, 2022

Located in Lorne along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, Hunting for George has restored this 1930s weatherboard beach shack. This much loved, but weathered home is Hunting for George's biggest renovation yet, after 2 years of planning and 9 months of building, this dreamy 5 bedroom and 5 bathroom home with generous outdoor entertaining space has been transformed into a spectacular Beach House.

GlobeWest were delighted to be a part of this latest series, with product featured within the home and outdoor spaces.

We caught up with Lucy Glade-Wright, Designer & Founder of Hunting for George team to learn about the ‘Reno Goals’ beach house transformation. Plus, for those embarking on their renovation journey, she provides her top three renovation tips!

All Photography © Hunting For George.

Pictured: Wilomena Sofa Chair

You just recently completed your second Reno Goals series at a coastal home located in Lorne, Victoria– congratulations! What was the biggest highlight of the project and did you face any challenges along the way?

The biggest highlight was probably filming the home tour at the very end of the project and being able to experience the house design in its entirety. Being able to see all the design elements come together was very satisfying.

We faced a lot of challenges throughout with delays due to covid restrictions. It was difficult to get products, materials and delivering on time, not to mention labour shortage. As we weren’t building in a major city, we had limited access to skilled trades and had to do quite a lot of jobs ourselves.

Pictured: Before photo of the exterior

Pictured: After photo of the exterior

How would you describe the interior style of the project?

Relaxed Modern Coastal. I wanted to retain the nostalgic warm charm of the existing beach house whilst applying a modern touch throughout the interiors. The combination of both warm and cool tones creates a neutral base to work with and accentuate with pockets of eucalyptus green.

Pictured: Vittoria Slip Cover 4 Seater Sofa

Pictured: Vittoria Slip Cover 4 Seater Sofa and Lark Woven Basket

Pictured: Vittoria Slip Cover 4 Seater Sofa and Artie Wave Side Table

We loved the way you styled each GlobeWest piece within the Living, Bedrooms & Outdoors – particularly the master bedroom. What’s your favourite GlobeWest piece and/or collection and why?

I love the curve detail of the Hugo Ridge Bedhead and Artie Open Bedside, these pieces really help soften the master bedroom interiors. As for my favourite piece I have had my eye on the Lagoon Bar Trolley for ages and I was so excited to style it. It makes for a great addition to both indoor and outdoor entertaining. Eucalyptus Green was my feature colour throughout the house which is another reason why I loved the trolley, as well as the Artie Wave Side Table in green.

Pictured: Artie Open Bedside and Hugo Ridge Bedhead

Pictured: Artie Open Bedside and Hugo Ridge Bedhead

We love your fresh take on the interiors. What are your tips to help create a coastal style with furniture, art and other elements?

  1. To achieve a coastal style interior, natural materials are really important. Timber, rattan, hemp, linen and stone help to create a coastal aesthetic.
  2. Keep your styling and furniture simple and relaxed. Layer light, white, grey and washed out tones.
  3. Choose decor that reflects the environment, embracing coastal elements such as shells, pampas grass and natives.

Pictured: Kennedy Beckett Sofa Chair

We couldn’t pick a favourite room ourselves, but did you have a particular space you enjoyed working on the most?

I was most excited to style the living room as it was begging for a makeover! It was all about creating a cosy living zone that was homey and modern at the same time. However I would say that I probably spend most of my time outside sitting on the Wilomena sofa, that’s my favourite place to be when the sun is shining.

Pictured: Wilomena Sofa Chair and Pier Round Side Table

During a renovation, what’s the one item you can’t live without?

Knee pads! After many renovations we’ve learnt to always have a pair on hand to save our knees from the brutality of building.

Pictured: Lagoon Bar Trolley

What are your top three renovation tips?

  1. Have a clear vision and plan before you start. Moodboard your ideas, bring your selections together and work out your budget, so you can be confident in your decisions.
  2. If you have the ability to do it yourself, do it! You can save money if you’ve got the time to do certain tasks yourself.
  3. Time Management is a big one. Create a schedule, share it with all involved and keep it up to date regularly.

Pictured: Wilomena Sofa Chair, Wilomena 3 Seater Sofa and Pier Round Side Table

What’s next for Hunting for George?

As we have just finished this huge project, we are planning on have a quick break and enjoy a holiday before we start planning our next project! The next project we have lined up is the renovation of an 80s timber cabin. Set on 8 acres, this large project will allows us to create our dream home. First up will design and build a shed and workshop so we have somewhere to work from while we embark on the cabin renovation. While the cabin is a little run down and needs some love, it has great bones and we can't wait to start working on her.

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