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Entryways | Inspiration Gallery

May 12, 2024

Be inspired by entryways that make an inviting first impression. The entrance should set the tone for what's ahead, so decorate your hallway in a way that showcases the style and personality of your whole home.

What is the purpose of the entryway bench?

An entryway bench is a sophisticated way to introduce, comfort into the space. As a point of entry and exit of the home, styling a bench can provide a comfortable place for people to sit down, put on their shoes, pland ace items when returning home and it can also be a great spot to relax and wait before leaving the house. 

How to decorate an entryway?

Create a meaningful moment in the entryway. As the first impression, the entry way is a great way t showcase the aesthetic of the home. A bench or console creates a focal point of ythe space, adding a mirror, vase, or statement artwork above will make an impact when entering the space.

Make the most of the space

Hallways and Entryways can vary in size and shape, incorporating mirrors can create an illusion of space and scale. Styling entryways with lighting and mirrors can help create more dimension, bouncing the light across the space and creating a sense of warmth and homeliness.  

Keep Pathways Clear

Hallways and Entryways are frequently the smallest space in the home, when specifying and styling new furniture or homewares, it is important to consider size, scale and funcationality in the space. Room for walking through the space, enough additional space for movement, groceries, bags and pets. Consoles, are often narrow and have an open base, allowing room for movement, a great choice for styling an entryway or hallway. 

Make the Entryway Feel Cosy

Create a welcoming and warm space to come home to with an upholstered bench, cushions or a rug. Upholstered benches invite the opportunity to welcome more colour and visual appeal through textures. Upholstered benches also provide the opportunity to style an entryway or hallway with a playful profile, showcasing personality and style immediately in the home. 

Illuminate your Enterance

Hallways and Entryways are often in the middle of the property, reducing natural light sources. Create immediate warmth and a centrepiece with the use of pendant lighting. Style your entryway or hallway with statement pendants, table, or floor lamps to light up the space.  

Add Personaility

First impressions count, ensure your entryways refelct your personaility. Whether its through colour, artwork, photos or furniture, make the most of your entryway. 

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