Designer In Profile | Claudia Lambert Interiors

Designer In Profile | Claudia Lambert Interiors

Feb 23, 2022

We recently caught up with the talented Claudia Lambert, Interior Designer and Founder of Claudia Lambert Interiors.

After 15 years as a Relationship Therapist, Claudia decided it was time for a career change. Merging her love for design and creativity with her expertise in relationships, Claudia loves to create family homes that exudes warmth and comfort.

Since starting her interior design services, she has been featured in Adore Home, Vogue Living and Real Living.

Image above by Chloe Lambert.

See our interview with Claudia below.

Pictured: Juno Florence 2 Seater Sofa and Claudia Lambert | Hannah Blackmore Photography

What’s your professional background, and how has it influenced your work today?

I have been working in the design industry for over 10 years now, I began as a stylist for magazines and had the requisite blog for that time showcasing my progression. I began to get requests to style homes and things kind of snowballed from there.

Prior to this, I worked as a Relationship Therapist for 15 years (these careers overlapped for a while) and this is where I love to integrate my relationships with clients and bring their homes to life. I love building relationships with all my clients, it’s absolutely the foundation for people trusting me with their precious money to create family homes that everyone feels great in.


Are interiors your obsession as well as your profession?

Absolutely. I am living my dream. I cannot believe I get paid to look at beautiful furniture all day, everyday! It never feels like work and each project brings something completely different that re-energises my love for the profession. My home and its constant state of change is a testament to this, I fall in love HARD for things and sometimes a humble chair I come across in Vinnies is enough for me to do a total redecoration of the apartment.

Pictured: Juno Josephine 4 Seater Sofa | Hannah Blackmore Photography

Pictured: Artie Buffet and Nixon Dining Chair | Chloe Lambert Photography

Where did you first develop an interest in interior design and decoration?

Since I can remember I have been rearranging my bedrooms! I was also forever organising my family home, it always made me feel so calm and accomplished. I got a great sense of satisfaction from making my surroundings just how I like them, but it never even occurred to me that this could translate to a career, so when I began to dip my toes in based on encouragement from my friends and family it all just clicked.


Describe Claudia Lambert’s style and customer?

People come to me because they don’t want a cookie-cutter design, I have a knack for mixing accessible furniture with harder-to-find pieces that can cater to all budgets. I think my style is very unintimidating, I have fun with colour and materiality and use the unexpected.

My clients love to be challenged and I do it in a gentle way, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Sometimes it takes a little convincing that painting a wall something other than white is not the scariest thing in the world!

Pictured: Ethnicraft Bok Dining Table | Hannah Blackmore Photography

Pictured: Harper Buffet | Chloe Lambert Photography

Pictured: Elle Monument Coffee Table | Chloe Lambert Photography

What’s your favourite GlobeWest piece/collection and why?

It would have to be something in stone, I find that when I select a stone table for my clients, they always comment on how the piece is more beautiful in real life, the best part is that every one is different, as every piece of stone is natural! If I had to choose a favourite, it would be the Elle Monument coffee table in rouge marble.


What interior staple could you not live without?

A statement chair, preferably vintage.


Top three styling tips to elevate your home?

Paint your walls a colour, every wall in the space will immediately look more decorated. Invest in loose lighting, setting the mood of the space is everything. Have one really special vintage piece in the space, this might be a chair or a sideboard, something that brings personality to the room.

Pictured: Penelope Quilted Occasional Chair, Juno Florence 2 Seater Sofa, Elle Luxe Column Coffee Table and Verona Block Marble Side Table | Chloe Lambert Photography

Pictured: Penelope Quilted Occasional Chair | Chloe Lambert Photography

How does a typical day unfold for you?

After managing the morning routine with my 2 boys (4 and 7) and dropping them to school, I usually head straight to a café to sit and work on a brief, otherwise I am at client meetings in homes. Every week I am at different suppliers looking at possible selections for clients and getting a feel for what’s out there, I find it much easier to be confident in my choices when I have seen them in the flesh.

On-site meetings checking deliveries are a regular weekly staple and managing all the admin that goes along with the deliveries that occur for my clients. I always try and fit in at least 2-3 op shop visits a week because you never know what you will find, some of my most treasured decorative items are from op shops or trawling marketplace. I am fortunate that no day is the same and this means I can be super flexible as a mum and for my clients, it really is the perfect setup.


What’s your creative process?

I always start with getting to know my clients (this is my favourite part), we sit and talk about what their lifestyle is, how they use each space, what the needs of the family are and what they are drawn to. I usually flick through a few images they have on their phone to get a sense of their style and then develop an overall style direction for them to approve. I will then drill down from there, creating mood boards for each space with specific products.

Pictured: Ethnicraft Bok Dining Table | Chloe Lambert Photography

Pictured: Benjamin Bedside | Hannah Blackmore Photography

Pictured: Hugo Panel Wide Bedhead and Easton Canopy Table Lamp | Chloe Lambert Photography

Who and/or what inspires you?

I get most inspired by looking at old things, things with provenance that are made with real integrity. The pieces that stand the test of time sometimes look simple but the design is so classic and well thought out that it never goes out of style. Sometimes I will be inspired by a paint colour or a chair. I love collecting vintage decorating books and they are a HUGE source of inspiration for me. In terms of people in the industry who inspire me, my first love is always Kelly Wearstler and more locally I can’t get enough of Flack Studios, Simone Haag, and YSG Studio, they are all unapologetic with their use of colour and materiality which is why their designs are so successful.


What do you love to do in your spare time?

Hang out with my kids, we are always swimming in pools, spending time with my mum, dad and brothers, I love to exercise and just switch my brain off with Netflix or reading.


What’s your dream project?

I would love to design a home that is unassuming from the outside and when you walk in it’s like a jewel box, totally unexpected. I like people to be excited and passionate about what they look at and live with every day.

Pictured: Bedside (sold out, click here for similar) Chloe Lambert Photography

What’s next for Claudia Lambert Interiors?

I am working on a few larger-scale builds with clients this year so they are a slow burn but I think the end results will be pretty spectacular. My clients are becoming more trusting of my process in that the end result will all come together even though some of the choices may seem daunting and risky at first. I hope to keep building my practice so when both the kids are in school next year, I can hit the ground running!


Where can people learn more about you:

INSTAGRAM: @claudialambertinteriors

Claudia Lambert Interiors is a GlobeWest referred designer.

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