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Apr 03, 2020

Welcome to Collections 2020 Volume #02!

We are delighted to bring you 3 entirely new collections and over 180 beautiful new styles and colours to inspire Australians and the beautiful spaces that surround them.


Slouch style 1, 2 & 3 seater components upholstered in soft linen and finished with raw, external seam detailing invite you to relax and recharge in pillowy, ultra-cushioned comfort.

Collections 2020 Volume #02 | Dining

Collections 2020 Volume #02 | Consoles

See and hear our design visions for Collections 2020 brought to life in a series of short videos

Inspired by the connections that ground us, distinctive furniture and homewares in comforting shapes, natural textures and beautiful colours created to enrich harmony and happiness in the home.

GlobeWest Design Directions

Step inside our creative hub to see and experience what inspired GlobeWest's design team in the development of Collections 2020.

Behind the Scenes for Collections 2020

Go behind the scenes at two of our locations for Collections 2020, shot in the beautiful nature-filled Warrandyte and Brunswick, Victoria.

Brand Video | Collections 2020

Welcome to Collections 2020. Inspired by the connections that ground us, distinctive furniture and homewares in comforting shapes, natural textures and beautiful colours created to enrich harmony and happiness in the home.

Outdoor Collections 2020

New Country

Evoque the serenity and warmth of country life immersed in natural beauty.

Contemporary - Modern Mediterranean

For a Mediterranean twist, pair sculptural forms, playful pattern and vibrant colour.

Minimalism - Fluid Minimalism

Find tranquility and wonder juxtaposing fluid curves with monolithic forms.

Classic - Decadent Sanctuary

Indulge in the embrace of decadent glamour.

Eclectic - Earthy Eclectic

Explore an exotic fusion of unexpected textures and earthy tones.

Retreat - Island Getaway

To ignite a sense of wellbeing and rejuvenate the soul, bring an island connection home.

Step inside our creative hub to see what inspired GlobeWest’s creative team in the development of Collections 2020.




Collections Featured

Volume #02 Collections 2020

House One

Frame 1 - Classique Oval Console, Tepih Round Rug & Balthazar Lip Vessel

Frame 2 - Finsbury Sleigh Dining Table, Levi Dining Chairs, Sadie Woven Pendant, Paloma Round Planter & Balthazar Textured Vessel

Frame 3 - Cove Sleek 2 Seater Sofa, Amara Round Leg Coffee Table, Elle Block Plinth, Winston Small Ottoman, Tepih Dune Rug, Suki Tassel Throw & Suki Mug

Frame 4 - Benjamin Ripple Oval Dining Table, Dane Dining Chair, Tepih Neptune Rug, Suki Bowl & Suki Round Platter

House Two

Frame 1 - Hudson Marble Dining Table, Tansy Dining Chairs, Tansy Barstools, Elle Slim Console

Frame 2 - Cove Seamed Sofa, Woodland Organic Coffee Table, Anchor Occasional Chair, Paloma Side Table, Tully Side Table, Sadie Woven Pendant, Tepih Poppy Rug, Suki Bowl, Suki Woven Cushion, Iggy Fringe Cushion, Balthazar Suade Cushion, Iggy Knitted Throw

Collections 2020

New Country

Frame 1 - Tully Bookcase, Tully Round Coffee Table, Felix Isla 3 Seater Sofa, Iggy Morrocan Rug

Frame 2- Pedro Arm Chair, Linea Pillar Dining Table, Willow Curve Buffet, Tepih Ida Rug

Modern Mediterranean

Frame 1 - Linea Oslo Dining Table & Weaver Cantilever Dining Chairs

Frame 2- Humphrey Tia 3 Seater Sofa, Theodore Moon Occasional Chair, Elle Camilla Coffee Table & Barcelona Tiled Console

Fluid Minimalism

Frame 1 - Classique Oval Dining Table & Nixon Arm Chairs

Frame 2 - Felix Block 3 Seater Sofa, Elle Monument Coffee Table, Theodore Orb Sofa Chair, Winston Ottoman, Paloma Round Planter, Tepih Ida Cushion, Iggy Fringe Cushion & Tepih Neptune Rug

Decadent Sanctuary

Frame 1 - Theodore Daybed, Kennedy Swivel Small Ottoman, Kennedy Swivel Medium Ottoman, Kennedy Swivel Large Ottoman, Amelie Nest Coffee Table & Tepih Neptune Rug

Frame 2 - Duke Barstools, Sara Dining Chairs & Benjamin Ripple Dining Table

Earthy Eclectic

Frame 1 - Taj Bone Zulu Side Table, Taj Chevron Buffet, Kennedy Ribbed Round Ottoman, Kennedy Odette Occasional Chair, Amelie Halo Small & Large Coffee Tables & Iggy Grid Rug

Frame 2- Bogart Arc 2 Seater Sofa, Bogart Olive Occasional Chair, Amelie Facet Buffet, Taj Bone Zulu Side Table, Amelie Oval Coffee Table & Tepih Dune Rug

Island Getaway

Frame 1 - Hamptons Arm Chairs, Hamptons Dining Table & Hamptons Bench Seat

Frame 2 - Orlando 3 Seater Sofa, Bondi Rectangle Coffee Table, Bondi Nest of 2 Side Tables, Merricks Barstools & Tepih Arrow Rug

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