At Home with Sarah's Day

Mar 13, 2019

Sydney based holistic health and fitness YouTuber Sarah Stevenson has a passion for encouraging others to develop a balanced lifestyle and with over 1 Million YouTube Subscribers and over 697,000 Instagram followers it's clear she's onto something!

Living with partner Kurt a Photographer/ Videographer, lovable puppy Abby and soon-to-be baby boy, Sarah recently set out to refurbish her Sydney apartment with the assistance of friend and Interior Designer Madeline McTigue from Vic Lake Architects.

Before they settle into the next exciting chapter of family life, we were invited into their home to take a look at their fresh, coastal oasis, featuring a number of GlobeWests products.

"My home is now the calming, earthy and effortless space that I’ve always dreamed of. With its neutral colour palette, natural fibres and minimalistic styling, its a place I’m excited to wake up in!" Sarah's Day.

Pictured: Sarah with her puppy, Abby | Haven Corner Sofa & 2 Seater Right Arm

Can you describe your home for us?

As much as I would love to answer this question with a simple, interior savvy, one word answer, I always find myself blabbing off a few key words that i’ve found effectively represent the vibe of our space - Our beach side apartment is a blend of Byron bungalow, Cali chill and fresh Australian. We drew inspiration from all three styles and created our own earthy space full of neutral tones, natural textures and coastal influences.

Pictured: Vittoria Iris 2 Seater Left Arm & Right Chaise, Sketch Native Round Coffee Table & Tepih Arrow Rug

Pictured: Vittoria Iris 2 Seater Left Arm & Right Chaise, Sketch Native Round Coffee Table & Tepih Arrow Rug

Why do you believe the blend of Byron bungalow and fresh Australian style spoke to you the most?

I always wanted my home to be a calming environment. A place where I could walk in and just breath. For myself and Kurt, Byron Bay and tropical locations allow us to feel at peace and relaxed.

I’ve always gravitated towards white and neutral colours and knew I would love this style for years to come. I believe each room in the apartment reflects our environment of chilled out, coastal Cronulla in a luxurious elegant way. I love that we’ve created our own fusion of interior styles and created a space that is authentically us!

Pictured: Henley Chevron Console

Pictured: Vionnet Painted Stool

We understand you worked closely with your best friend Madi, who’s an Interior Designer for Vic Lake Architecture to help style your home. Can you tell us why you chose to work with an interior designer?

When this apartment was on the market and I first walked in as a potential buyer, I remember thinking “hmm this place looks familiar”. I called my friend Madi and asked if she knew anything about the space. Turns out, it was the first project she’d worked on with Vic Lake where she was responsible for the layout, fittings, finishes and interior FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment).

Once I could call the apartment my own, I knew Madi would be perfect for the job. After all, she knew the place inside out! Madi also gave me a lot of confidence in my own style and intuition. I always thought that an interior designer would take over, and create a space THEY loved, however, Madi was incredible at listening to me, acknowledging my style and leading me in the right direction. She really simplified the whole process!

Pictured: Shelter Round Barstools

Did she give you any great advice during the process?

She really encouraged me to be organised and know what I wanted before venturing out into any stores or online shopping. She encouraged me to listen to myself and that there was no right or wrong way to style.

While I wanted diversity and character in the space, Madi knew I would regret incorporating a lot of colour into the styling elements, instead, she encouraged me to play with texture. I came home with bags and bags full of white and sandy coloured pieces, cushions and ornaments which made it so enjoyable to style with!

Pictured: Vionnet Painted Stool & Seed Woven Bedhead | Artwork: Art House Co.

Pictured: Vionnet Painted Stool & Seed Woven Bedhead

Pictured: Seed Woven Bedhead | Artwork: Art House Co.

What’s your favourite space in the home?

With a huge passion for cooking, I find myself just standing in my kitchen staring out into the dining and living area. With our open plan layout, I love how it feels so fresh and spacious, yet intimate and cosy.

Each element and room itself works cohesively together, creating a smooth flow between spaces. There’s also great natural lighting in there!

Pictured: Shelter Round Barstools

What’s your favourite GlobeWest piece in your home?

This may come as a shock but I’m actually obsessed with the Sketch Native Round Coffee Table. As much as I love the larger, more dominant pieces in our apartment, I truly feel like this coffee table brings the entire room together.

As soon as I saw it in the GlobeWest Sydney showroom, my heart literally raced with excitement. If there was a piece of furniture that embodied my style, it’s this one. Earthy, natural and effortless, yet sophisticated, timeless and beautiful! I’m absolutely in love with it.

Pictured: Vittoria Iris 2 Seater Left Arm & Right Chaise, Sketch Native Round Coffee Table & Tepih Arrow Rug

Where do you like to host when you have friends or family over?

With an open plan kitchen, dining and living area, it truly is the perfect space to entertain. Guests can move freely throughout the rooms and sit wherever they feel comfortable. I also love our Shelter round bar stools in the breakfast bar. I often find my guests will set there and chat to me while I cook for us. It’s a really beautiful and social atmosphere.

Pictured: Vittoria Iris 2 Seater Left Arm & Right Chaise, Sketch Native Round Coffee Table, Tepih Arrow Rug & Olivia Dining Chairs

What would be your advice to other people setting out on their interior journey?

Be organised, have a game plan and find inspiration. Before jumping into designing this space, I really took my time to create numerous Pinterest mood boards, flick through interior magazines and even visit stores or locations that I loved.

I was then able to bundle all of this inspiration together and develop my game plan and overall vision for the space. I took my time particularly with the styling component of the design. I wanted to ensure I loved every single item in the space.

And don't be afraid to chat to an Interior stylist or designer! They really know what they're doing and will save you so much time in the long run, while making sure your space is your own.

Pictured: Sarah & Kurt's workspace | Cleo Sleigh Dining Chairs in Blush Velvet & Woven Charcoal

Watch Sarah's full apartment tour on YouTube here.

Find a design professional or locate a GlobeWest retail stockist to help you harness your home's individuality to complement your personal style.