At Home with Kyal & Kara

May 28, 2020

Since starting out with a dream to enter a TV renovation show, Kyal & Kara Demmrich have become full-time renovators.

They have completed 28 renovations and now own and run a successful design and construction business. Of those renovations, two have been their family homes and so, particularly close to their hearts.

GlobeWest is delighted to have been a part of both: Long Jetty Reno and most recently, Blue Lagoon Build.

The Blue Lagoon Build, located on the NSW Central Coast saw the couple turn a knock-down beach shack into their ultimate family oasis. The epitome of coastal living, the home is filled with an abundance of natural light and seamlessly connects from indoors to out.

"We've created a well connected family home centred around a yard, with a mix of finishes and textures that reflect and complement our coastal lifestyle." Says Kara.

Below, busy mum Kara exclusively shares her creative insights, highlights and challenges faced along the way.

For a complete tour of the home, visit the gallery here.

All Photography by Grace Picot

Can you tell us a bit about the space and layout of the Blue Lagoon build?

Our initial layout concepts were all based around the premise that I could stand in the kitchen or living room and watch the kids in the yard. We were wanting an open plan home that had a great indoor-outdoor flow. Design wise, we based our selections on the theme ‘Australian coastal meets Mediterranean villa.’ Instead of the traditional backyard, we were after a ‘Villa’ style feel with the living areas opening out to a more central yard. We’ve built a self-contained guest house at the front of the block, and this also acts as a way to create a private yard for the house.

Pictured: Self-contained guest house | GlobeWest Noosa Open Dining Chairs & Livorno Cafe Table

Pictured: The self-contained guest house with private courtyard | GlobeWest Noosa Open Dining Chairs & Livorno Cafe Table

You have completed several renovations now. What’s your process when it comes to deciding on the design/ layout?

Renovation wise, we’re always guided by and inspired by the original home, and like to work in with the existing.

In this instance, we undertook a new build so our design primarily focused around how we wanted to live. In any build or renovation, we like to capitalise on natural light, and generally aim to maximise the living space and ensure it flows nicely to the backyard and entertaining areas.

Having a living space that opens out onto a deck or outdoor area instantly creates the illusion of more space, and is generally how most like to live – especially in the warmer months.

Pictured: The completed open-plan living, dining and outdoor space

What’s your favourite part of the home and why?

My favourite part of the home is the Kitchen – living – dining area. It’s a large open plan room, but it feels so homely and intimate. There is texture galore – my favourite being the sandstone wall, which works so beautifully with the oak flooring and furniture.

I think in any renovation we’ve completed, I’m always drawn to the kitchen being my favourite, as I love nothing more than the island bench being somewhere to congregate with family and friends

Pictured: Kitchen & dining space | GlobeWest Sketch Odd Leather Barstools, Ethnicraft Bok Dining Table & Avery Maja Arm Chairs

Pictured: Kitchen area | GlobeWest Sketch Odd Leather Barstools

The fireplace has been such a hit over the last few weeks and for once I’m looking forward to cold winter nights.

Pictured: Open-plan living, dining & kitchen area | GlobeWest Vittoria Slip Cover 4 Seater Sofa & Mason Round Coffee Tables

Pictured: Fireplace & living space | GlobeWest Mason Round Coffee Tables

What was the biggest highlight of the project and did you face any challenges along the way?

We’ve been renovating for over 12 years now, and it really is such a satisfying process for us, creating something that brings joy. It’s the little things for us. The biggest highlight that comes to my mind is watching the kids (especially our little boy Ziya who is 3) swimming in the pool for the first time. No matter how much progress we’ve made on the house over the past year, all they’ve seen is the unfinished pool shell. To finally fill the pool and let them go for a swim was so exciting (albeit they were in wetsuits and it was freezing).

I think the biggest challenge for me personally was keeping up with decisions onsite with the kids (Vada is one / Ziya is three) whilst also working. It’s been a big year and we’re ready to enjoy the home!

Pictured: Outdoor pool and helical staircase to the parents retreat

What did you enjoy working on the most during the renovation?

As much as it’s exciting to begin drawing plans and planning spaces like the kitchen on paper, my favourite part of any build or renovation is being onsite making ‘on the fly’ decisions. Kyal and I work really well like this, and we have a great bunch of trades around us. I love selecting colours for walls, being onsite to give heights for pendants and generally seeing all the decisions come to life. Watching the helical stairs come together was definitely a highlight.

Pictured: Rumpus room looking into kitchen area and helical staircase | GlobeWest Felix Slouch Modular Sofa, Tully Coffee Table & Orlando Seamed Round Ottoman

What would be your advice to other people setting out on their renovation & interior journey?

Be clear on the goals of your renovation – for example, is this a long term home or a stepping-stone home? This will ultimately guide your decisions. Also, have a careful think about how you’d like to live in the home. Taking note of things such as where you may need more natural light or how you’d like your living spaces to open out to the backyard can help to guide structural or layout decisions.

Pictured: Family rumpus room | GlobeWest Felix Slouch Modular Sofa, Tully Coffee Table, Orlando Seamed Round Ottoman, Paloma Curve Stool & Tully Bookcase

You selected a number of GlobeWest products for the Blue Lagoon build, what would be your favourite piece/ collection & why?

The Ethnicraft Bok table and Avery Maja dining chairs are a favourite! They sit in the middle of the open plan living area underneath our clay bead pendants and the Oak table works so well with the tones in the sandstone wall. The chairs are comfy and generous in size, and I can tell there will be lots of beautiful memories made around these pieces.

Pictured: Dining area | GlobeWest Ethnicraft Bok Dining Table & Avery Maja Arm Chairs

I also love the Tully bookcase. It’s such a versatile piece. Currently it will be used in the rumpus and house a mix of keepsakes and art – with room for kids toy baskets underneath. I’m sure over time its' use will evolve.

Pictured: Rumpus room | GlobeWest Paloma Curve Stool & Tully Bookcase

What’s next for Kyal & Kara?

We have a few client jobs to work on, and will be continuing to work with some of our favourite brands on some DIY content. We’re going to enjoy taking things a little slower for a while, but will definitely be keeping our eye out for our next personal project.

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