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Mar 05, 2020

Exclusive Interview

Lifestyle blogger, radio & television personality Rebecca and husband Chris Judd recently embarked on their "forever home" renovation in beautiful Brighton, Victoria.

To transform the charming Spanish Colonial property into a modern contemporary haven, Bec enlisted an expert team.

“We appointed Biasol design studio to create a home which was functional for our family of six while paying tribute to the original design of the house with a modern Melbourne edge”, explains Bec.

To turn the incredible house into a comfortable, inviting space filled with character, Bec worked with leading Interior Designer, Bree Leech. Together they selected a number of GlobeWest pieces to complete the home.

Bec recently invited us into her new home to discuss her interior aesthetic, most loved parts of her home, and shares her advice for others setting out on a renovation journey.

Project: The Style School Season 4 | Interior Architect: Biasol Design | Builder: The Melbourne Builder | Photography: Armelle Habib

All imagery courtesy of Rebecca Judd, please do not reproduce or copy without written permission.

Pictured: Front Entrance of Chris & Bec Judd's Home.

Can you tell us about the Space and layout of your new home?

The house is two story with all the bedrooms being upstairs. Upstairs is connected by a grand circular staircase to our ground floor, which features all of the living areas including a good front room, kitchen and butler’s pantry, dining area, lounge and a bar area for entertaining which overlooks our outdoor area. Outdoors we have a tennis court, our outdoor kitchen with a fireplace and our pool. At the back of the property we have built a gym and a tennis club house.

Pictured: Staircase leading to the bedrooms

Pictured: Kitchen & Lounge Room

You worked alongside Bree Leech for all the styling elements of your new home, can you describe the style aesthetic you chose and why?

Our style aesthetic was traditional with a modern touch. We made sure we included lots of curves such with the influence of the arches throughout the house everywhere you look. We also let the artwork dictate the colours in each room and I love the fact that each room has its own identity. From the good front room with its pink walls and pink inspired artwork to the bar with a dark moody palette inspired by the Michael Bond artwork on the wall.

Learn more about creating your ideal space with the support and guidance of a design professional here.

You have completed several renovations now, what’s your process when it comes to deciding on the design?

When choosing the design of the house we often draw on the original bones so the style has an element of authenticity. We also try to make selections which are timeless while still being on slightly on trend. We know that interests and styles change over time but we try and make design decisions with longevity.

Pictured: Dining Room | Huxley Curve Dining Table

Pictured: Dining Room | Huxley Curve Dining Table

What’s your favourite part of the home?

It’s hard to choose a favourite part of my home. I do feel like the pink good front room is a lot of fun and that room is specifically mine and mine alone.

Pictured: Good Front Room | Elle Pipe Coffee Table & Tepih Neptune Rug

I also am obsessed with tennis, so I love the tennis court and club house. The view from the tennis club house back over the property is stunning and fills me with a sense of pride. I also love that we have so much greenery on either side of the court and a beautiful wisteria vine draping over the arches which frame the outdoor area to the pool, it’s sublime.

Pictured: Over looking the pool room

What’s your favourite GlobeWest piece in the home?

It would have to be Elle Pipe Oval Coffee Table in our good front room. The shape compliments both the house and the room perfectly and the stone on the tabletop matches the stone in our custom joinery. It has real wow factor. I also love the rug in the good front room in its dusty rose colour and luminous glow.

Pictured: Good Front Room | Elle Pipe Coffee Table & Tepih Neptune Rug

The Tepih Arrow Rug in the lounge room is also thick, luxurious and textured, and the perfect anchor for the space.

Pictured: Lounge Room | Our Amara Round Leg Side Table, Amara Ellipse Round Coffee Table & Tepih Arrow Rug

Lastly all of the furniture in our tennis club house is exclusively GlobeWest. It has a fantastic indoor, outdoor vibe and ensures that the space is fresh, modern and cool.

Pictured: Club House | Lagoon Curve 3 seater sofa (sold out - refer to get the look below), Lagoon Round Coffee Table & Mauritius Open Occasional Chair

What would be your advice to other people setting out on their renovation & interior journey?

My advice would be to surround yourself with wonderful people, be it designers or builders. We have been burnt before by going for the cheapest option but in the end, it always cost us more. What we have learnt with this renovation is to go with the best people because they do a better job. In the long run it will actually save you more money. I would also say to be very present throughout the process to keep things running on time. I was the chief whip cracker and it worked!

Pictured: Master Bedroom | Elle Shelf bedside

Pictured: Oscar's Bedroom | Archie bedside

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Love Bec's interior aesthetic? Browse her GlobeWest picks below plus more to achieve the look.


Elle Pipe Oval Coffee Table

Tepih Neptune Rug

Amara Round Leg Side Table

Amara Ellipse Coffee Table

Tepih Arrow Rugs

Felix Fold 3 Seater Sofa

Juno Florence Sofa Chair

Felix Slouch 2 Seater Sofa


Huxley Curve Dining Table

Gus Principal Chair


Mauritius Occassional Chair

Lagoon Round Coffee Table

Kai Frame 2 Seater Sofa

Cancun Ali 3 Seater Sofa


Elle Shelf Bedside

Archie Bedside

Kennedy Tufted Bedheads

Felix Slope Bed

For more details on Bec's renovation, visit the style school.

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