At Home with Ash & Simon Vos

Nov 30, 2020

Since winning The Block in 2014 with his brother Shannon, Tradesman Simon Vos has become a seasoned renovator with wife Ash and brother Shannon.

Recently, loveable larrikin Simon and his wife Ash have completed their own home, transforming a run down mid-century beach shack into a Palm Springs-inspired mid-century modern home with a uniquely Australian twist.

Together they chose a number of GlobeWest pieces to complement the impressive fit out and aesthetic.

Step inside their oasis in our gallery and hear what inspired their choices in our chat with Ash below.

Photography by Ben Adams at Blank Ave Studio

Can you tell us a bit about the space, layout and the inspiration behind Coffs to Cali Renovation?

We were eager to bring a slice of California to Coffs Harbour, which is how the name Coffs to Cali came about. Our goal was to create a mid century Palm Springs aesthetic done in an Australian way, whilst also maximising the existing footprint of our 50’s shack.

Pictured: Simon & Ash during demolition at Coffs to Cali

The house already had great bones, structurally everything was built to perfection, with all the traits of an old school build - hard wood everywhere, solid brick and concrete. We knew when we saw this house that it would make for an incredible renovation!

Pictured: Before renovation - The front facade

We just had a lot of demolition to do to get the ceilings and open space we envisioned. A typical Australian home, stacks of finishing’s we didn’t want, a terrible kitchen and bathroom – but the best structure to work with.

Pictured: Kitchen before renovation

You selected a number of GlobeWest products for the build across the kitchen and dining spaces, can you tell us a bit about what you chose and why?

To get the mid-century modern aesthetic that we wanted, we knew it had to be GlobeWest. We’ve worked with GlobeWest in other people’s homes and we had this wish list for a long time for this renovation.

Pictured: Front door to open plan living, dining & kitchen area

The colours, the design and quality made for a really beautiful experience when you walk into the home, the pieces really compliment our style and also how we live.

Pictured: Nature-inspired kitchen

Pictured: From the alfresco decking looking in

Pictured: After renovation! GlobeWest Duke Barstools


What would be your favourite GlobeWest piece/ collection & why?

This is so difficult to answer, but I’d have to say the Livorno dining table. We have so many incredible meals around that table, the circular design works so well with our home aesthetic and it just has this sculptural effect that brings out the personality in the space.

Pictured: GlobeWest Livorno Dining Table & Harold Dining Chairs

Do you and Simon have a favourite part of the home?

Definitely! It’s got to be the living-kitchen-dining area. We maximised the view of the Great Dividing Range with stunning windows to the outdoors. Anywhere you sit in the home you experience this beautiful sub-tropical viewpoint.

Pictured: GlobeWest Duke Barstools, Livorno Dining Table & Harold Dining Chairs


What would be your advice to other people setting out on their renovation & interior journey?

I would say that staying true to your lifestyle is the most important for a renovation, but for interiors to really work in colour, there are so many incredible options available to add colour to your interiors, colour adds to your life – everywhere in our home there are splashes of green, blue, peach, yellow – it makes me smile everyday. It’s something people are so afraid of, but it’s such a beautiful experience to live with colour in your life.

Pictured: Ash & Simon Vos

What's next for Ash & Simon Vos?

Actually, yes. We have a really unique project we are currently dreaming up. Less of a live-in renovation, more of a love project. We’re looking for land to build an A-frame home, so watch this space!

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Pictured: GlobeWest Duke Barstools

Living & Dining

Pictured: GlobeWest Livorno Dining Table & Harold Dining Chairs

Pictured: GlobeWest Livorno Dining Table & Harold Dining Chairs

Pictured: GlobeWest Livorno Dining Table & Harold Dining Chairs

Master Bedroom

Pictured: Woodland Lip Stool

Pictured: Woodland Lip Stool

Pictured: Woodland Carved Stool

More to come!

This page will be updated with more exciting reveals from the stunning outdoor alfresco, to the breathtaking façade.

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